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techlink | InSIDe W W W. TA P P I . ORG JOURNAL G INDUSTRI ES' TECHNICA THE PAPER AND PACKAGIN AL JOURN 14 NO. 2 FEBRUARY 2015 | VOL. L RESOURC E PULPING 73 Chemical, anatomical, and technology aspects of Eucalyptus benthamii and an Eucalyptus dunii for use in mill integrated pulp and paper E U ce LP ISS HE: en PU G OM T nd onfer a N AL RI H FR ce y C CI TU E ARC ren over E fe c S SP FAC G RE Con l Re U TURIN EERS mica AN E A 4 P he M F 201 nal C W. Hart, Gisely Samistraro, Peter Ricardo Paim Jorge Luiz Colodette, and 83 BROWNSTOCK WASHING WWW THE . TA P PI.OR KAG AND PAC PAP ER G UST ING IND RIE S' TEC HNI OU CAL RES RCE Optimization of a brownstock washing line o ati rn Inte 14 20 93 Improved steady-state models for chlorine dioxide delignification sequences that include washer carryover effects Brian N. Brogdon 105 RECOVERY BOILER Improving energy efficiency of existing recovery boilers Jarmo Mansikkasalo 119 RECOVERY BOILER Dimensioning a recovery boiler furnace using mathematical optimization Viljami Maakala and Pasi LIME KILN Miikkulainen 133 G: IN FIN TIAL RE BIO OTEN ST ORE D OF P F RL tion A WO bra re *** * RVICE SE * *** * 19 1 5- 2 0 1 5 ** * * ** YEAR 100 S Lee, Kenneth Nesselrodt, StephenW. Hart Peter John D. Andrews, and Y *** ** NO. 3 VOL. 14 2015 | 159 ION CONVERS available currently n Review of for the conversio gy to technolo biomass of woody products ded ans, value-ad Harry Seam BIOMASS 167 ER LER-PAP nanofiller r aration of Facile prepg mixed office pape paper usin king without dein J.Y. Zhu NANOFIL Wang and Qianqian TMENT PRETREA reatment 141 for Design of refractory linings balanced energy efficiency, kilns uptime, and capacity in lime Mikh Nelson, ina anen, Kim Vesa Pylkk Theodora Rets and Iakovlev, 187 POUNDS aromatic to recover Biorefining with biological ds compoun s a Talmaciu, propertie r, Iulia Adin E COM BIOACTIV a Bujo Popa Oana-Crin and Valentin I. Irina Volf, HERMAL HYDROT ING BIOREFIN 195 of al refining Hydrotherm an overview and - biomass pectives future pers Grönberg, Honor LIME KILN 179 n Flexible pretsupports productio gy technolo co-products at of biobased r mills ail pape pulp and le tu l Ce r Fu nnia g Ou ente pirin PI C t, Ins TAP r Pas 2015 ing Ou Mill study on improving lime kiln efficiency INDUSTR OF MARCH ar A. Thorp, od Akht Benjamin an, and Maso Harry Cullin Riku Kopra, Kimmo Koivula, and Olli Dahl BLEACHING the whole line was controlled by an upper level control system. The results indicate that it is possible to reduce the amount of brownstock washing loss by controlling the dilution factor (DF) of the entire brownstock washing line via the use of torque control of washers and realtime wash loss measurements. erg, Vidar Katariina Hanne Wikb , Jermakka, Johannes en, Marjatta Kleen ikallio, Kemppain Laine, Ville Paas ChristianeOasmaa and Anja G. Hemrick, J. Peter Gorog, James Leary, Harald A. Walter, W. Ray and Murray Ellis 209 ARCH ERY RESE l an industria Flippr° - ect in Austria proj research , Rene Eckhart, Ivanas BIOREFIN L CEN TEN Thom Mayr Melanie y, Antje Potthast, ggl, Sumerski Josef-Peter SchöTimmel as Rosenau, h, and Thom Alfred Posc *** ***1 9 1 5- 2 0 1 ** ** *** SPE CIA PAG E S1 TEN T // NIA L CON ** YEARS 100 ** ** TJ SummarieS INDUSTRY RVICE SE OF 5* THE PaPErS SUmmarizEd HErE are from the february 2015 issue of TAPPI Journal, with content from the 2014 PEErS and icrc conferences, and the march 2015 issue, featuring special biorefinery content along with a section celebrating TaPPi's centennial anniversary. TAPPI Journal is an online publication of relevant and timely peer-reviewed research delivered via email and free to all TaPPi members. To receive TAPPI Journal, join TaPPi at FEBRUARY PULPInG Chemical, anatomical and technology aspects of Eucalyptus benthamii and Eucalyptus dunii for use in an integrated pulp and paper mill Gisely Samistraro, Peter W. Hart, Jorge Luiz Colodette, and Ricardo Paim Eucalyptus dunii has been commercially used in southern Brazil because of its relatively good frost tolerance and adequate productivity in the winter months. Recently, interest has grown in cultivating Eucalyptus benthamii Maiden & Cambage, which presents superior frost tolerance compared to E. dunii and is highly productive. As the quality of E. benthamii for pulp production is not yet proven, this study compared the chemical, anatomical and technological aspects of pulp made from both types of eucalypus for unbleached paper production. The results showed differences in delignification between the two woods and lower pulp yield for E. benthamii, which are related to their chemical compositions and basic densities. LIMe KILn Design of refractory linings for balanced energy efficiency, uptime, and capacity in lime kilns J. Peter Gorog, James G. Hemrick, Harald A. Walter, W. Ray Leary, and Murray Ellis 36 Paper360º MAY/JUNE 2015 LIMe KILn Mill study on improving lime kiln efficiency Kenneth Nesselrodt, Stephen Lee, John D. Andrews, and Peter W. Hart This research details a kiln energy efficiency study performed by MWV Corp.'s Covington, VA, USA, mill. Optimization of the lime kiln requires an examination of the entire lime cycle. To increase the energy efficiency of the lime kiln, all auxiliary unit operations must function properly. It is also imperative that the lime and liquor in the system is of acceptable quality. To get a true picture of the cost of operating the lime cycle, all inputs must be considered: power (electrical and fuel), fresh lime, caustic and water. Process engineers can use this detailed troubleshooting approach to help optimize various parts of a mill. MARCH LIME KILN. Increase in shell temperatures and heat losses for a single-layer refractory lining of uninsulated basic bricks versus those for two-layer lining of insulated high alumina bricks. A growing number of mills are using basic (magnesia based) brick instead of high alumina brick to line calcining zones in lime kilns. While this can increase uptime and reduce the cost to maintain the refractory lining, it can dramatically increase the shell temperatures and heat losses. This research uses a computer model to examine how refractory linings with both high alumina and basic refractory bricks affect kiln operations. Recommendations are made based on the results to aid mill personnel in designing optimized refractory linings for specific situations. BrOWnSTOCK WASHInG Optimization of a brownstock washing line Riku Kopra, Kimmo Koivula, and Olli Dahl The objective of this study was to improve the efficiency of a Scandinavian chemical pulp mill's brownstock washing line, and demonstrates the importance of accurate measurement technology for effective control. The information was collected by using online devices and BIOACTIve COMPOUnDS Biorefining to recover aromatic compounds with biological properties Oana-Crina Bujor, Iulia Adina Talmaciu, Irina Volf, and Valentin I. Popa Although extraction of bioactive compounds by biomass resource biorefining is challenging, interest in these compounds is increasing. This review summarizes results in the field of secondary compounds (especially polyphenols) obtained via biorefining technology. The technology also offers the possibility to separate other compounds with industrial value or biological properties. The information in this research might help industry develop biorefineries that could allow separating valuable compounds for industrial applications and for their biological activity. Wood bark and other forestry wastes can be used to recover polyphenols. Residues from extraction can be separated into hemicelluloses, cellulose and lignin to obtain bioproducts or compounds with biological activity. nAnOFILLer-PAPer Facile preparation of nanofiller-paper using mixed office paper without deinking Qianqian Wang and J.Y. Zhu http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG

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