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setpoint The Rise of Giants In April, a number of talented individuals in our industry received awards during a record-setting TAPPI PaperCon2015 conference in Atlanta. Again this year, the awards spanned a wide range of achievements and levels of experience, from scholarship winners just beginning work, to individuals whose distinguished careers have done honor to themselves and the industry. In the main article in this issue you'll find a description of these individuals, including an interview with James Hannan, CEO of Georgia-Pacific, this year's Executive of the Year. In past award ceremonies I've often heard people, when accepting awards, say in a self-effacing way, that they have succeeded by "standing on the shoulders of giants." This expression, most often attributed to Isaac Newton, who in 1676 said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants," suggests that an individual's achievements are only possible because of the efforts of those who have gone before. Recognizing the "giants" of the pulp and paper industry was especially timely this year, as TAPPI was also celebrating its 100th anniversary. While planning for this event, a number of us had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the history of our industry from the formation of TAPPI in 1915. As our group pored over old documents and photos, we read of the exploits of a number of those "giants," many of whom were involved with TAPPI during their careers; people like Charles Herty, who had the novel idea of making newsprint from southern pine, and George Tomlinson, who invented the single drum recovery boiler, which made it possible to recover and regenerate most of the chemicals used in kraft pulping, and Johan Richter, who invented the continuous bleaching process and continuous digester, just to name a few. Since those giants have trod the trails of our industry, many new names have been added to the roster of exceptional individuals and have been recognized by TAPPI with its annual awards. Looking back is also an occasion to look forward. As the industry looks for new directions driven by a changing society, new individuals in brand new fields of endeavor, like bio and nano, begin to take the stage. And in their hands they hold the hope of thousands. In the U.S. alone, our industry employs about 900,000 workers and is among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in 47 states. That's a lot of people working to maintain the lifestyle we live today and to develop new uses for cellulose-based materials in the future. As we consider the giants of the past, it is comforting to know that there are individuals working hard to become the giants of today and tomorrow. CELEBRATING A CENTURY OF ACHIEVEMENT As part of TAPPI's centennial celebration, a coffee table book was produced that chronicles TAPPI and the industry beginning in 1915, through war years and depressions, to the present and into the future. To own this piece of history go to: eDITOrIAL STAFF ADMIn/PrODUCTIOn/SALeS GLenn OSTLe Editorial Director/Associate Publisher PUBLISHer Pam Blasetti LArrY n. MOnTAGUe President & CEO, TAPPI MAnAGInG eDITOr Leslee Masters erIC FLeTTY VP Operations, TAPPI InTeGrATeD MeDIA DIreCTOr Shane Holt (352) 333-3345 Ken PATrICK Senior Editor GLENN OSTLE | SALeS ASSOCIATeS Shaun Greyling Nicholas Manis John O'Neil Jason Ruppert Raymond Strickland Mattew Yates InTernATIOnAL SALeS Murray Brett MArKeTInG Lauren Branin DeSIGn BK Publication Design MOnICA SHAW Editorial Director, TAPPPI Journal SAMAnTHA GeIer Online Exclusives Editor 6 Paper360ยบ MAY/JUNE 2015

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Paper360 - May/June 2015