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priority. We have brought in technology and
equipment that meet the most advanced international standards, and we are moving with
the times in upgrading and enhancing our
equipment to ensure that all our emission
and energy consumption indices consistently
perform better than government standards.
Our experience consists of persistent management, rigorous controls, continual innovations, learning from advanced experiences
in the world, and making faster progress in
environmental management.

Inside a Nine Dragons facility. "I am very positive about the future packaging paperboard market,
because packaging paperboard is closely related to everyday living and consumption," says Cheung.

is that packaging paperboard is making good
use of waste paper in a paper regeneration process that is continually recycling, and is in line
with global trends in green development. So
far, we have not discovered any other product
that can substitute packaging paperboard in
similar massive amounts but is more environmentally friendly.
As the largest containerboard supplier in
China, do you also have an eye toward
building box plants to further extend the
industrial chain? Does Nine Dragons have
any plan to expand in other paper and
board grades or diversify into other sections-for instance, tissue and hygiene?
We already had our own box plants before
Nine Dragons was publicly listed. Our box plants
are mainly for supporting upstream and downstream relationships in the periphery of our
paper production bases. We shall persist on our
core business in paper making, and box plants
will not be developed in a significant manner.
Currently, we have no plans to enter the (tissue paper and hygiene products) sector, and will
remain focused on containerboard.
The new US administration has cast
uncertainty over the country's trade
policies by withdrawing from the TransPacific Partnership and urging US manufacturers to keep jobs at home. Do you
think this may affect your business?
The "Back to the USA" policy for manufacturing is not just proposed by the current US
administration; the previous administration
had proposed similar policies, and we have seen
certain results. I believe that in the long run this
will be good for employment and stabilizing the



economy. Of course, there is further room for
improving on the details. Earlier I explained
my views on the relationship and trends of the
raw material and product markets. What we
produce is a traditional product, and an everyday necessity for the people, which will move up
with the market at the same time. So I believe
that the policy will not have much impact on
us, but that we should remain well-prepared.
Paper manufacturing has traditionally
been seen as a high pollution, high energy
consumption industry, and the Chinese
government is introducing ever stricter
environmental regulations. What is Nine
Dragons' experience in energy conservation and emission reduction?
I think the main reason that in the past
papermaking was seen as a high pollution
business was because some non-complying
businesses did not rigorously implement government environmental standards. In the last
few years, when the government has performed
supply-side reform and eliminated outdated
capacities, there has been enormous determination and power put in environmental protection; maintaining high pressure, stringent
controls; and continuously lifting standards.
On the one hand, our environment is getting
better; on the other hand, advantages enjoyed
by disciplined large enterprises with good environmental management have become more
prominent. Over the years, our investment in
environmental management has received recognition and generated returns.
Nine Dragons is committed to the green
development philosophy of "No environmental
protection, no papermaking." We have always
put environmental management as the top

You are considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China. What are the
key factors to your success?
I feel that if I am an entrepreneur wishing to
become successful, first I must possess market
sensitivity and be good at grasping opportunities. Second, I should have persistent perseverance and be focused on one industry, achieving
the ideal of "join the industry, love the industry, stay in the industry." Third, in conducting
ourselves we should always have a contented
mind; however, we should not have a mindset
of satisfaction in pursuing our career. Instead,
we should have the consciousness to keep on
chasing and innovating. This is very important.
My own objective is to integrate the ideas of
"informatization, automation, and intelligentization" to make Nine Dragons a "century-long
manufacturer." This will create better, more
passionate work lives for our staff, while fulfilling our responsibilities to the government, our
investors, and our communities. We are always
moving ahead.
Meanwhile, I agree with the proverb that
"the world is as large as your heart." Everyone
will experience different stages when progressing in life. There are the bright and brilliant
times as well as frustrating and difficult times.
Hence, a positive mindset is very important.
When facing difficulties and frustrations, we
should address them with optimism and overcome them with courage so that we do not feel
fear. We should see them as life experiences to
help ourselves grow and improve. Therefore, I
believe that we should maintain a sunny character, learn to feel grateful, and always review
ourselves. In this way we can keep a calm and
peaceful mind, know how to cherish the things
and people around us, as well as overcome the
frustrations and difficulties that come into
our lives.
Shawn Wang is associate news editor, PPI
Asia. Contact her at

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