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millwise | SAFETY Making Workers Heroes The Finishing Department at UPM Raflatac thinks outside the box to implement a Superhero Safety Program-now in its fourth year MARC TINTORI How do you encourage employees to think and act safely? In the Finishing Department at UPM Raflatac in Dixon, Illinois, we slip on a cape. At UPM, we like to think outside the box, and our "Superhero Safety Program," which we started in 2012, is typical. We didn't expect employees to leap tall buildings in a single bound or outrun jets, but we did feel that, given the right environment, everyone could become a superhero when it came to safety. Recognition motivates people to get involved, especially if their ideas help improve the areas in which they spend so much time every day. SpottING SaFetY The process begins when an employee from the Finishing Department (the "sidekick," also known as the Safety Hero Spotter) observes another employee (the "hero") engaged in a safe act, such as developing a safety improvement or helping a fellow employee with any kind of safety situation. The sidekick then completes a nomination form describing the act and the individual who performed it. Every month we collect the nominations, and the management team picks a winner using a secret ballot and a five-point system. At a monthly awards ceremony, we view a PowerPoint presentation on safety that mentions all the ideas we got from the nominations that month, and we announce the winner, recognizing the hero, the sidekick, and of course the great idea itself. The hero gets a certificate, and we display a duplicate certificate on our Hall of Heroes wall for a year. The hero and sidekick also win prizes such as a flashlight, a smoke alarm, a small fire extinguisher or jumper cables. Sometimes we set it up so they can accept their prizes or trade them for the "mystery box." To add a little fun, we sometimes give away Milkbones as a "dud" gift-that always gets a good laugh. At year-end we hold a "Hero of the Year" ceremony, and employees (no management) pick an overall winner out of the year's monthly heroes, by secret ballot. That person receives a custom trophy with his/her portrait on it. The sidekick gets to choose from the boxes. What's really great about this form of recognition is that is often leads to improvements in the way we do things. The best thing is when the Super Safety Hero collaborates with department engineers to implement the improvement. SaFetY paYS While admittedly a little quirky, our program has been effective. Finishing Manager Eric Fiessinger reports that after experiencing Marc Tintori, standing in front of the Hall of Heroes wall, shows off the three superhero game boxes. 22 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2014 Sample safety nominations.

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