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millwise | MAINTENANCE SHOWCASE SEATED KNIFE GATE VALVE DeZURIK's new KGC-BD Bi-Directional Resilient Seated Knife Gate Valve features a unique, patented perimeter seat design that provides bubble-tight shutoff in either direction, even on dead end service. It combines a one-piece rubber molded seat with an insert, a spline and a puck that work together to lock the seat securely into the valve body. This unique seat design prevents buckling or dislodging that can occur with other perimeter seat designs. The KGC-BD also features the exclusive premium packing system that includes high performance packing material options and anti-extrusion segments. Available in sizes 2"-36" (50-900mm) in a variety of materials, the KGC Bi-Directional valve provides improved sealing, extended packing life and reduced maintenance. FANS FOR DUST REMOVAL SonicAire fans, manufactured by IES, eliminate all problems with overhead combustible dust by preventing it from accumulating in overhead areas. Leveraging the unique BarrierAire™ technology, the fans create an air barrier that shields overhead structures from dust buildup. The photo on the left shows the removal of dust that has been allowed to accumulate on overhead beams, pipes and lights. The second photo shows clean rafters and lights the following morning. Paper and pulp plants can now continuously maintain the highest levels of clean to comply with NFPA Standards and OSHA regulations on dust control. MAINTENANCE SERVICES In the harsh environment of pulp and paper mills, an estimated 60 percent of machine breakdowns are attributable to maintenance issues. Preventing these problems is infinitely more attractive than unscheduled downtime. Spooner Industries offers Planned Preventive Maintenance, Remote Interrogation for predictive maintenance, and Online Training. TSP PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM TSP (Technology Service Professionals) has rolled out its Preventive Maintenance System, creating a streamlined approach to preventive maintenance and incorporating an element of accountability. With the new preventive maintenance system, knowledge can be shared and leveraged easily from one location to another. The system is also available on the mobile platform, helping techs perform maintenance in the field, checking off tasks as they complete them. It also features robust reporting and a proactive notification system, which share what the next 30, 60 and 90 days include in terms of preventive maintenance. Technicians are able to capture various parameters with log readings, including fluid levels, pressure, temperature, flow rates and more. Since rollout, almost 2,000 maintenance events have been scheduled in the system. THERMOPLASTIC PIPING STOPS CORROSIVE LEAKS Paper manufacturers rely on piping systems for the safe conveyance of sodium hypochlorite for bleaching. One such manufacturer was experiencing leaks from corroded welds in their stainless steel Sch 40 316L piping system. In order to provide a safer work environment and protect sensitive equipment, management sought a better solution for handling NaOCI in their manufacturing processes. Paper manufacturing is recognized as an extremely harsh application for any piping system. With that in mind, the owner felt that if any new system could last more than six years, the installation would be considered a success. The solution was the installation of the Double-See™ Double Containment corrosive waste piping system in PVC/CPVC from GF Piping Systems. AUTOMATED HYDROBLASTING Thompson Industrial Services has been providing automated industrial cleaning solutions for 19 years, and is nearing its goal of total hands-free hydroblasting, which can cut cleaning time in half, reduce the number of workers needed and decrease exposure of operators to potential hazards. Recently, the company was able to clean the central chiller at International Paper, Eastover, in half the time using automated hydroblasting, which kept the operators completely out of harm's way. Another major mill in Augusta saw the same success. Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2015 21

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