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techlink | INSIDE JOURNAL 14 NO. 4 A P R I L 2015 | VOL. 221 Application of pulsed ultrasoundflow velocity profiling for measuring boiler of black liquor in recovery spraying nozzles Salmela, Sanna Haavisto, Juha Mika Järvinen, Ari Kankkunen, and Antti Koponen WWW 229 NONWOOD PULPING cells Fractionation of epidermal flotation from wheat straw pulp by Mikko Karjalainen, Ari Ämmälä, Niinimäki Päivi Rousu, and Jouko 237 RECOVERY BOILER during Organic material dissolved wateroxygen-alkali pulping of hot extracted birch sawdust Joni Lehto and Raimo Alén PACKAGING 247 Vapor-phase migration of DiBP and DBP through barriercoated paperboard: Correlation method between a permeation test and simulated migration Pauline Skillington, J. Christel Francois Wewers, and Patrice C. Hartmann CHEMICAL PULPING Cronje, THE . TA P PI.OR KAG AND PAC PAP ER G AL JOURN UST ING IND RIE S' TEC HNI OU CAL RES RCE 5 14 NO. | VOL. MAY 2015 291 D BRILLATE MICROFI SE ion CELLULO acterizat al char Rheologic illated cellulose of microfibr using optical n suspensio tomography e ela, coherenc Salm isto, Juha Sanna Haav Tapio Saarinen, Koponen erg, Ari Jäsb inen, and Antti Anni Karpp refined rization of using Characte ing pulps meters papermak amic para hydrodyn ysis tion anal from filtra Ramarao kov and S. Lavry 259 ING DEWATER ts of of the effec 1 5- 2 0 1 5 ** * 325 sh, Analysis profile, furni lose pressure d cellu ofibrillate and micr atering of on the dew furnishes ing papermak a Haavisto, ela nen, Sann Juha Salm Antti KopoLiukkonen, and Johanna 339 268 TISSUE ratory ent of labo ate Developm method to evalu e ing wet crep pulp quality for tissu rol and cont Somwang boon Fractionation by micro-hole pressure screening and hydrocyclone applied n to deinking line rationalizatio concept and future manufacturing it Som h Anukul, Preeyanuc uwong, and Phich Khantayan Julien Saint Saurabh Kumar, François Amand, Raphaël Passas, Carré Benjamin Fabry, and Bruno OF * ** INDUSTRY *** ** FL U S ID P C M EC O E IA N C L TE H N AN T IC S * 19 RECOVERY BOILER i, ini Fasc eppe Carm erg Wittb ak, Gius Paul Krochan, and Lisa Prahl Bo Norm shee in paper ** *** * ** 311 dosage, chemical Bridging ity, and variability mixing qual ts RVICE SE *** *** * RVICE SE YEAR 100 S Y INDUSTR OF B.V. N AIDS RETENTIO Mohamad, S. Junaid S. Qazi, Masita Mark Martinez James A. Olson, and D. Progress in Paper Recycling 305 E DRAINAG Multistage fiber fractionation through of softwood chemical pulp and smooth-hole screen cylinders its effects on paper properties DEINKING fines percentage in the accept fraction and increased fiber length in the reject fraction can be obtained when operating the pressure screen at a higher volumetric reject ratio and lower aperture velocity using the screen cylinder with the small aperture size. ** RECOVERY BOILER *** L RESOURC E ***1 9 1 5- 2 0 1 ** ** ORG YEARS 100 W W W. TA P P I . G INDUSTRI ES' TECHNICA THE PAPER AND PACKAGIN 5* TJ SUMMARIES THE PAPERS SUMMARIZED HERE are from the April 2015 issue of TAPPI Journal and the May 2015 issue featuring special fluid mechanics content. TAPPI Journal is an online publication of relevant and timely peer-reviewed research delivered via email and free to all TAPPI members. To receive TAPPI Journal, join TAPPI at APRIL CHEMICAL PULPING Organic material dissolved during oxygen-alkali pulping of hot waterextracted birch sawdust Joni Lehto and Raimo Alén Untreated and hot water-treated birch sawdust were cooked by the oxygen-alkali method under the same cooking conditions. The pretreatment of feedstock clearly facilitated delignification. Additionally, the amounts of hydroxy acids in black liquors based on the pretreated sawdust were higher than those in the untreated sawdust black liquors. RECOVERY BOILER Application of pulsed ultrasound velocity profiling for measuring flow of black liquor in recovery boiler spraying nozzles Sanna Haavisto, Juha Salmela, Mika Järvinen, Ari Kankkunen, and Antti Koponen Researchers applied ultrasound velocity profiling for obtaining velocity data inside black liquor nozzles and demonstrated the capability of this technique for online measurement of black liquor flow properties and viscosity behavior. Experiments were carried out on an operating recovery boiler where the black liquor from pulping softwood was taken directly from the boiler liquor system and sprayed through a customized splashplate nozzle. 24 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2015 RECOVERY BOILER: SEM image . . . . .of. screen birch pulp show impact of hot water extraction. Untreated sawdust was not properly fibrillated (top-bottom left), while pretreated was readily fibrillated (top-bottom right). Multistage fiber fractionation of softwood chemical pulp through smooth-hole screen cylinders and its effects on paper properties S. Junaid, S. Qazi, Masita Mohamad, James A. Olson, and D. Mark Martinez Researchers demonstrated the potential of upgrading the reject fraction through a multistage fractionation process for a northern bleached softwood kraft pulp while isolating the remaining low-value pulp to be used as a raw material for a novel fiber-based product. The optimum operating conditions to carry out efficient fractionation were determined for screens with 0.5-mm, 0.8-mm and 1.0mm apertures. This work shows that a high NONWOOD PULPING Fractionation of epidermal cells from wheat straw pulp by flotation Mikko Karjalainen, Ari Ämmälä, Päivi Rousu, and Jouko Niinimäki This study examined the fractionation tendency of wheat straw pulp cells in flotation to determine its effect on paper strength properties. Results showed that epidermal cells can be selectively enriched from unbleached wheat straw pulp by flotation and other short cells had a tendency to become enriched in the overflow fraction. The underflow fraction consisted mostly of fibrous material, as well as vessel elements and long parenchyma cells. http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG

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Paper360 - July/August 2015