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setpoint A Peek Into the Smart Future Few people would disagree that maintenance and reliability are vitally important within a pulp and paper mill. Expensive assets operating in a harsh environment on an almost non-stop basis need to be maintained in order to operate efficiently and safely. The problem is that in a complex system like a pulp or paper mill, there are thousands of components and maintenance points that need to be tended to, which creates a daunting, time-consuming and costly challenge for maintenance crews. But the good news is that there are some new tools that will help. The growth of digital has obviously had a profound effect on society and, as a result, on our industry. It has sent paper companies scrambling to find complementary or replacement products to maintain their bottom lines, while searching for ways to manufacture products in a more efficient and less costly way. In one way, the digital revolution has helped our industry by making it possible for a mill to operate more efficiently by providing improved ways to handle maintenance tasks. Imagine that a maintenance person walking through a mill could be directed by his smart phone through a complicated plant layout to a point where a service action is required. Or that by donning a set of smart glasses, he could immediately access the current status of a component, diagnose problems, check its maintenance history, or refer to operating or maintenance instructions. The use of futuristic tools for this practical application is the theme of an article in this issue by Valmet's Mika Karaila. It describes the growing use of current digital technology for maintenance and the work being done to apply intelligent products to what in the past have been manual tasks. "Visualizing mill repairs through wireless measurements, smart phones, smart glasses and cloud computing will revolutionize maintenance prediction and lower costs," says Karaila, who contends that "augmented reality" may well become a new reality for pulp and paper mill departments. When it comes to spotting and fixing reliability issues, an accepted technique is Root Cause Problem Elimination, or RCPE. In this issue we have included an article based on a presentation on RCPE by Tor Idhammar and Tim Dunton at the OpEx seminar at PaperCon2015 in April. In it the authors conclude that 80 percent of all reliability problems in a mill should be solved by the frontline organization, and that in a "best-in-class" organization, about 30 percent of time should be spent doing RCPE in one form or another. The difficulty of maintaining a culture change after the changeagent has gone was the topic of a dinner conversation described by Jay Shellogg in this issue. Working as maintenance/reliability superintendent in a large paper mill for most of his last 16 years has allowed Shellogg to collect a number of such stories that have a positive message for anyone working in this area. We hope these articles, as well as others in this issue, will spark new ideas that help improve maintenance and reliability in your mill. EDITORIAL STAFF ADMIN/PRODUCTION/SALES GLENN OSTLE Editorial Director/Associate Publisher PUBLISHER Pam Blasetti LARRY N. MONTAGUE President & CEO, TAPPI MANAGING EDITOR Leslee Masters ERIC FLETTY VP Operations, TAPPI INTEGRATED MEDIA DIRECTOR Shane Holt (352) 333-3345 KEN PATRICK Senior Editor GLENN OSTLE | SALES ASSOCIATES Shaun Greyling Nicholas Manis John O'Neil Jason Ruppert Raymond Strickland Mattew Yates INTERNATIONAL SALES Murray Brett MARKETING Lauren Branin DESIGN BK Publication Design MONICA SHAW Editorial Director, TAPPPI Journal SAMANTHA GEIER Online Exclusives Editor 6 Paper360º JULY/AUGUST 2015

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Paper360 - July/August 2015