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millwise | LINER & FLUTING Stora Enso Ostroleka PM5 Proves Less Is More Over the past three years, almost half a billion euros have been invested at Stora Enso Ostroleka in Ostroleka, Poland. Nearly energy self-sufficient, the mill is a leading producer for Central and Eastern Europe. Witold Kostecki, Competence Center manager, Stora Enso (right) with operator Rafał Roma ński. When Stora Enso Ostroleka launched PM5, the new 455,000 tpy lightweight containerboard machine, in May of 2013, the big inaugural event went smoothly, showcasing an important new facility for Central and Eastern Europe. Fueled largely by domestic supply of 100 percent recycled material, PM 5 churned out liner and fluting at high speed, just as planned. What was not obvious that day, or to any visitor since, was the multi-million euro savings in civil engineering. Also not obvious was the exceptional high strength and smoothness of lighter weight grades, made possible by innovations in stock preparation and drying. WHERE'S THE BASEMENT? Something is missing at this impressive site. "The usual massive basement beneath the new machine doesn't exist," says Witold Kostecki, Competence Center manager, Stora Enso. "Our engineering streamlining eliminated 18 PM5 uses 100 percent recycled fiber supplied by SE Ostroleka's own recovery network throughout Poland. structural costs, as well as piping, electrification and HVAC, adding up to around 17 million euro. We shortened construction time by two months. Another bold step included installation of a compact POM™ approach system from Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT), instead of the traditional massive silos, storage tanks and deculator. More capital costs were saved with this decision, but even better, the POM system improves quality and efficiency, and costs less to run and maintain." Continues Kostecki, "We also dry from both sides, giving us superior flatness, providing better runnability for corrugating and printing. Always focused on quality and market needs, our customers are more satisfied than ever, and we are a lower cost producer." PROPERTIES OF SUCCESS From a performance standpoint, the containerboard grades at SE Ostroleka all deliver what customers are demanding: better stacking strength, bursting strength, puncture and flat crush resistance. Says Kostecki, "Consistent surface texture, smoothness and color hue stability now happen routinely. With pinholes and impurities no longer an issue, imperfections in printing are rare. Because of our high flatness and dimensional stability, converters tell us that they are running faster and smoother on a consistent basis." LESS CONSUMPTION ADDS UP Adds Radosław Kopeć, Stora Enso production manager, "With the POM system our team can push paper machine performance even higher. There is no substitute for stability to improve runnability. When contaminants don't build up in silos and storage tanks, you not only run better today, but you have confidence for tomorrow and Paper360º  SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER

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