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SAFETY. PRODUCTIVITY. QUALITY. INTEGRITY. More paper mills every year are getting Big Results with Big Pump Thompson has already cleaned 50 Recovery Boilers in 2015 Call our experts to begin yours - 800-849-8040 * ADVANCED automation and 3-D tooling * POWERFUL volume at 2,250 Horsepower to 1,200 GPM * ENHANCED safety and * RESULTS you will count on again and again ""Thompson's specialized high volume hydroblasting pumps and experienced crew shut-down. We had a thoroughly clean boiler we could immediately inspect." -Recovery Dept. Mgr, WA Paper Mill

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Paper360 - November/December 2015

Over the Wire
Proud to be a Papermaker
Solenis’ Total Mill Perspective Helps Mills Stay Competitive
Maintaining Knife Gate Valves
An Automated Solution to the Kappa Number Test by Titration
Higher Alloyed Composite Tubes Make Recovery Boilers Safer and More Efficient
TAPPI Journal Summaries
New Leadership Model Focuses on Caring, Compassion
Consolidation Watch
Association News
Online Exclusives
Index of Advertisers

Paper360 - November/December 2015