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millwise | SOLENIS Solenis' total mill Perspective Helps mills Stay Competitive A PAPER 360° STAFF REPORT When Ashland Water Technologies needed a new name after the company was sold in August 2014, it didn't have to look far for inspiration. Drawing on its heritage of delivering excellent customer service and solving complex problems, it found an appropriate name in Solenis, which combines the words solution and genesis and reinforces the company's mission to be the source of solutions for its customers. Nowhere is this mission more clearly demonstrated than in the pulp and paper industry. Over the years, Solenis and its legacy companies (Betz Laboratories, Drew, Stockhausen, Hercules and Ashland Water Technologies) have built a reputation for delivering a full range of functional, process and water treatment chemistries to paper mills all over the world. "We've been in business for nearly a hundred years, and we've always provided solutions to myriad challenges that paper and pulp companies face, whether functional, process or water," says Eric Popham, vice president, Pulp and Paper North America. "We have the technology, the people and the science to be the water resource for our clients. We don't just solve problems as they come up - we help mills proactively address challenges by delivering comprehensive and integrated solutions that improve operational efficiency and product quality." EVERY DROP OF WATER, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY Solenis' water-treatment solutions support every aspect of a mill's operations, enhancing its reliability, efficiency and profitability. "We're thinking about how water can be used to maximize production and minimize costs from when the first drop of water enters the facility," says Eugenia Erlij, market manager EMEA. "We follow it through until the last drop leaves as wastewater, making sure as much as possible has been reused and has the lowest environmental impact. At every step, 18 Paper360º we're doing whatever it takes to ensure that water is being fully utilized as an essential integrated element of every system." For influent water, Solenis has developed a wide portfolio of coagulants and flocculants for water clarity, and a range of processes and chemistries that address water temperature, pH, alkalinity, turbidity and color. The company also specializes in corrosion protection and microbiological control chemicals for cooling water and boiler systems, including recovery boilers. And for effluent water, Solenis offers an extensive array of bioaugmentation technologies, antifoams, odor control chemicals, and dilution and feeding systems to help mills remove pollutants, minimize sludge handling and disposal costs, recycle effluent or improve wastewater quality. These products, integrated with Solenis' family of OnGuard™ monitoring and control equipment, help mills prevent water treatment problems altogether or make rapid course adjustments to minimize their impact. Solenis' end-to-end approach helps NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 mills protect their assets, their products and their profits. GREAT PRODUCTS, GREAT PEOPLE A Solenis solution goes far beyond a portfolio of chemicals and process and control equipment. "We're proud of the innovative technologies and chemistries we've created," Erlij says. "But it's our pulp and paper specialists who make us such a valuable resource for our clients. They're the true foundation of what we do." A far-reaching network of field specialists work at sites all over the world and serve as ambassadors of Solenis' total mill approach. They visit their clients' mills whenever called upon, and work closely with personnel to understand the mill's needs, conduct investigative diagnostics and brainstorm comprehensive solutions that are specifically tailored to the mill's particular challenges (and advantages). Often, these field specialists are able to create and implement fully effective solutions before leaving the mill. "We're a partner to our clients," concludes Erlij.

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