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techlink | INSIDE 14 NO. 8 AUGUST 2015 | VOL. 507 ANISOTROPY the An elliptical pore model for mechanical properties of paper Gerard J.F. Ring, Matti Tomi Nieminen WWW Kurki, and 515 RUNNABILIT Y . TA P ER THE PAP AN D PI.OR G ING PAC KAG AL JOURN IND UST RIE S' TEC HN OF and The influence of strain rate pulp properties on the stressstrain curve and relaxation rate of wet paper ** Retulainen 527 COATING Fast evaluation of spatial coating layer formation using ultraviolet scanner imaging 5* ** 577 n GY r productioass BIOENER ies on suga biom Case stud rutilized woody from unde te chemistry Chandra, using sulfi 585 593 balances material results: Reconciling ratory test with labo of the inorganic-to r The case in black liquoAlexander, organic ratio Ernest G. PULPING of A three-dimensional model fine particle retention during mat percolation through a fiber Andrews, John D. W. Hart r and Pete wski, Terry Bliss, Martin Ostoja-Starze and Jaime Castro do Sánc Jorge H. and Mery E. Fajar Quintana, 609 URE g Designin learned: Lessons biorefinery bost, the forest ie Cham *** * FEAT SPECIAL * ** * ** * 601 sse: of pulp Rheology sugarcane baga of bleached istency and cons Effect of ure temperat hez, Germán C. RVICE SE *** 1 5- 2 0 1 5 RETENTION. Thick fiber mat modeled as a series of thin fiber mats. D PULPING ons NONWOO suspensi INDUSTR OF Y YEAR 100 S 9 1 5- 2 0 1 Peng Yucheng r m, R.C. C.M. Jardiuskas, and T. Elde A.J. Raga 546 RETENTION * 19 565 SE losic gy of cellu particle ct of Surface ener : The effe materials particle size, and morphology, ner number las J. Gard hydroxyl and Doug s fiber harge Eucalyptu ctric-barrier disc h, J.S. Hsie using diele Oliveira, Douglas W. Coffin *** ***1 9 14 NO. | VOL. BER 2015 CELLULO IFICATION tion FIBER MOD modifica 537 Some observations towards improved predictive models for box compression strength ** *** SEPTEM osh M. Subh Gilles, William s, Dwight J.Y. Zhu, Gleisner, Roland Gao, Gevan Marrions Johnway and John Sess Anderson, Dauer, Wolfgang Fuchs, Michael Ulrich Hirn, Wolfgang Bauer, and D. Steven Keller CORRUGATED PACKAGING RCE INDUSTRY ** Jarmo Kouko and Elias OU ICA L RES ** L RESOURC E RVICE SE R PE PA NT TE L N IA CO EC S SP SIC Y PH *** JOURNAL ** ORG YEARS 100 W W W. TA P P I . G INDUSTR IES' TECHNICA THE PAPER AND PACKAGIN Clerc, Virgin Frédéric Stuart and Paul TJ SummarieS The papers summarized here are from the August 2015 issue of TAPPI Journal featuring special Paper Physics content, and the September 2015 issue. TAPPI Journal is an online publication of relevant and timely peer-reviewed research delivered via email and free to all TAPPI members. To receive TAPPI Journal, join TAPPI at AUGUST RUNNABILITY The influence of strain rate and pulp properties on the stress-strain curve and relaxation rate of wet paper Jarmo Kouko and Elias Retulainen COATING Fast evaluation of spatial coating layer formation using ultraviolet scanner imaging Wolfgang Fuchs, Michael Dauer, Ulrich Hirn, Wolfgang Bauer, and D. Steven Keller COATING. UV scanner images of flat-bed rod coated woodfree coated paper samples with different coat weights. RUNNABILITY. Effects of solids content on tensile strength with different strain rates and furnishes. Sufficient tension of the wet web is crucial for paper machine runnability. Higher strain rate leads to higher tensile strength, tensile stiffness and relaxation rate. The initial wet strength and stiffness of the studied pulps, bleached softwood kraft pulp (BSKP) and bleached hardwood kraft pulp (BHKP) were increased by increasing the solids content, fines, wet pressing and refining. At a constant strain rate and constant strain, the tension at a certain moment depended strongly on the initial tension and thus on the tensile stiffness. 30 Paper360º This study evaluates the potential for using ultraviolet (UV) scanner imaging as a fast method for characterization of the spatial coating layer formation. The method measures the visual light response of the excited fluorescent whitening agent (FWA) in the coating color. A commercially produced lightweight coated paper, a laboratory coated commercial woodfree base paper and laboratory coated handsheets were examined. UV imaging of coating coverage provides a fast, simple and accurate method to capture the evenness of the coating layer, especially for papers with low coat weight. RETENTION A three-dimensional model of fine particle retention during percolation through a fiber mat Terry Bliss, Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, and Jaime Castro NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 In this study, researchers model particle retention, compare the model predictions to experimental results and show that even rather small particles are retained via sieving to some extent in fiber mats typical of those found in the paper industry. ANISOTROPY An elliptical pore model for the mechanical properties of paper Gerard J.F. Ring, Matti Kurki, and Tomi Nieminen ANISOTROPY. Simulation shows how vertical stress concentrates on the paper pore's inside edge, which is where tensile failure occurs. Presented is a simple mechanical model for paper comprising only isotropic cell-wall cellulose and a single elliptical pore. Finite element method analysis applied to this model produced two stress-strain curves equivalent to the anisotropy observed in machine-made paper. Experimental data were collected from a single roll of paper produced on a pilot machine run where formation was decreased in five steps. SEPTEMBER CELLULOSE Surface energy of cellulosic materials: The effect of particle morphology, particle size, and hydroxyl number Yucheng Peng and Douglas J. Gardner The effect of particle size, particle morphology and hydroxyl number on the surface energy of three microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) preparations and one nanofibrillated http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG http://WWW.TAPPI.ORG

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Paper360 - November/December 2015