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TEACH TO WIN Seven success factors for instructional coachingĀ programs O Jim Knight ver the past decade, my colleagues and IĀ at the Instructional Coaching Group and the Kansas Coaching Group at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning have collaborated with 24 Principal Leadership | March 2015 more than 20,000 instructional coaches from all continents except Antarctica. We've learned from our partnerships and research studies that instructional coaches will have a socially significant impact on how teachers teach and students learn when their coaching programs are built

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Principal Leadership - March 2015

From the Editor
B ulletin Board
Cases in Point
Healthy Schools, Healthy Students
Military Partnerships: Paving the Way to Success
Designing Futures
Teach to Win
Keep it Simple
Communication: The Unspoken Key to School
Discussion Guide: Communication: The Unspoken Key to School Culture
Coherence and Collaboration: Fundamentals for Common Core Success
Layers of Leaders
Widening the Road
Oregon Students Have PEP!
From Good to Great
Instructional Leader
Breaking Ranks in Practice

Principal Leadership - March 2015