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From Good to GREAT Recalculating the route to career readiness through a pathways lens Gale Harild and Lyn Sharratt T here are concrete actions we can take as school leaders when viewing student achievement through a lens of career readiness. Career readiness can be defined as possession of the skills, knowledge, and abilities to engage in the community and global world, establish meaningful relationships, and pursue interests and passions regardless of one's postsecondary destination. But there must be an investment in time and training to ensure that skilled teachers can effectively leverage a robust and relevant curriculum to empower each student in his or her own learning. We must ensure that our teachers have a clear understanding of what it takes for each student to become a literate, 21st-century graduate; that they have upshifted their own perception of multiple pathways; and that they are keenly aware of the opportunities each postsecondary opportunity provides. 54 Principal Leadership | March 2015 There are five guiding principles when applying a pathway career readiness lens: 1. An inclusive, equitable learning community 2. A robust, relevant K-12 curriculum 3. A broad base of community partners 4. Skilled teachers 5. Innovation leadership At both system and school levels, this requires a structured, collaboratively planned approach with a broad base of community partners supported by a comprehensive communication plan. This work must be intentional. Teachers, students, and community partners must actively step into each other's worlds, early and often; the additional pathway data that they gather is then interwoven with previously massed data to inform instructional and program planning. Perception data is continuously monitored to improve the program. To personalize learning, students' voices and choices are captured as well.

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Healthy Schools, Healthy Students
Military Partnerships: Paving the Way to Success
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Communication: The Unspoken Key to School
Discussion Guide: Communication: The Unspoken Key to School Culture
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Oregon Students Have PEP!
From Good to Great
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Breaking Ranks in Practice

Principal Leadership - March 2015