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MOTIVATION: The Key to Academic Success in Culturally Diverse High Schools M Margery B. Ginsberg otivation is to learning as oxygen is to breathing. It is the energy that human beings direct toward a goal; it initiates, mediates, and results from learning. In one recent survey, teachers and school-based administrators were asked to rate the importance of a variety of factors to student achievement. Respondents gave student engagement and motivation an average score of 3.9 on a 4-point scale, the highest among the eight categories examined (Education Week Research Center, 2014). Yet sustaining student motivation and engagement in learning is elusive-vulnerable to distraction, boredom, and difficulty. In recent years, this challenge has become more complex, compounded by demographic shifts, the call for higher standards of learning, high-stakes testing, and the importance of a high school diploma. There is enormous pressure on public education and the families 26 Principal Leadership | December 2014

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From the Editor
Bulletin Board
Cases in Point
Healthy Schools, Healthy Students
Thinking Outside the Office
Engagement: The Secret to Sustainable Learning
Motivation: The Key to Academic Success in Culturally Diverse High Schools
Leading Together: Reculturing the Assistant Principalship
Incentivizing Accomplishment
Learn to Move, Move to Learn
What Teachers Need: Support in a Time of Reform
Student Services
Instructional Leader
Breaking Ranks in Practice
Discussion Guide

Principal Leadership - December 2014