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December 2014 Discussion Guide Article: "Thinking Outside the Office: Dr. John Brewer's Hands-On Approach to Motivation," by Saara Myrene Raappana Collaboration Motivating students to build the skills they'll need for success both before and after graduation is one of the primary challenges of every principal. How did school personnel collaborate to create a sense of belonging, escalate students' academic motivation, and increase their success? How does your school create a sense of belonging for students? How does your school build trust and community with families? Want to know more? Breaking Ranks: The Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement. Reston, VA: NASSP, 2011. To purchase, go to: Oxley, D. (2013, January). Connecting Secondary Schools to Parents and Community. Principal's Research Review, 8(1). Supovitz, J. (2013, May). Making Inroads in School Leadership Practice. Principal's Research Review, 8(3). Personalization How does Dominion High School address the academic, social, and emotional needs of the students? To what extent does your school address the academic, social, and emotional needs of your students? What interventions, strategies, or programs do you have in place? Want to know more? NASSP. (2012). Personalizing the School Experience. LeadingSuccess. Protheroe, N. (2011, July). A Schoolwide, Proactive Approach to Discipline. Principal's Research Review, 6(4). Protheroe, N. (2012, September). Social and Emotional Factors in Student Learning. Principal's Research Review, 7(5). Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Why does Principal Brewer believe that the major responsibilities of the principalship are best accomplished in spaces that students, staff, and community occupy? How does his presence in common spaces motivate and impact achievement? Consider the culture of your school. How do the principal and other school leaders motivate and influence student achievement? Want to know more? Frazelle, S. & Barton, R. (2013, July). Implementing Early Warning Systems. Principal's Research Review, 8(4). Klose, L. M. (2008, December). Understanding and Fostering Achievement Motivation. Principal Leadership, 9(4): 12-16. Sebastian, J. & Allensworth, E. (2013, September). How Do Secondary Principals Influence Teaching and Learning? Principal's Research Review, 8(5). December 2014 | Principal Leadership 61

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From the Editor
Bulletin Board
Cases in Point
Healthy Schools, Healthy Students
Thinking Outside the Office
Engagement: The Secret to Sustainable Learning
Motivation: The Key to Academic Success in Culturally Diverse High Schools
Leading Together: Reculturing the Assistant Principalship
Incentivizing Accomplishment
Learn to Move, Move to Learn
What Teachers Need: Support in a Time of Reform
Student Services
Instructional Leader
Breaking Ranks in Practice
Discussion Guide

Principal Leadership - December 2014