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SPECIAL EDUCATION'S HOTSPOT: The Principalship C. Fred Bateman and David F. Bateman 2015 NASSP Conference Speaker E ducating children with disabilities is a complex task. Indeed, considering the many types and degrees of disability, frequent changes in related laws and court decisions, and the challenge of matching services to needs, this element of schooling is among the most overwhelming tasks educators face. Because special education is the most litigious area of education (Zirkel & Johnson, 2011), principals need to know special education law and understand the roles teachers play in the provision of services. In this age of high‑stakes testing and emphasis on teacher accountability, the work of school February 2015 | Principal Leadership 19

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From the Editor
Bulletin Board
Cases in Point
Healthy Schools, Healthy Students
The Power of Partnerships in ELL Instruction
Special Education’s Hotspot: The Principalship
Literacy Lessons Learned
Give Them Five
Winning the War Against Power Struggles
BEYOND MEMORIZATION: Strategies for Next-Level Literacy
Middle School Academic Talk: The Key to Ensuring Access for All
Promoting Achievement for ELLs with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education: A Culturally Responsive Approach
Freshman Academy Spurs Schoolwide Transformation
Instructional Leader
Breaking Ranks in Practice
Discussion Guide

Principal Leadership - February 2015