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BEYOND MEMORIZATION: Strategies for Next‑Level Literacy Judy Brunner ords matter. In particular, the understanding of content‑related vocabulary terms matters a great deal. It is no surprise to the education community that students with the richest vocabularies will probably be the ones to achieve the most academic and professional success. Vocabulary may be basic or complex, but it is, without question, fundamental to learning and specifically fundamental to reading. For many years, educators have utilized a variety of ways to expand the educational lexicons of students. While some teaching methods have been more successful than others, activities requiring thought, reflection, connection of the known to the unknown, and memorization are the most successful. What has not been effective 40 Principal Leadership | February 2015 are strategies that simply require students to memorize vocabulary words with little emphasis on how terms are interrelated and connected to the text, individual interests, and the instructional target (Brunner, 2012). While instructional pedagogy related to vocabulary development has advanced, there are still too many content teachers relying on what has been practiced over the span of several years as they continue to use strategies such as: ■ Pronouncing the word ■ Defining the term ■ Identifying a synonym ■ Sounding out unfamiliar words ■ Using the dictionary or text glossary to "look up" unknown words ■ Writing a sentence using the word In consideration of Bloom's Taxonomy (Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001), the

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BEYOND MEMORIZATION: Strategies for Next-Level Literacy
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Principal Leadership - February 2015