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Discussion Guide Put this issue of PL into practice with the help of our discussion guide. Begin conversations with your staff members using suggested questions, and reference our list of resources for additional exploration of the topic. Begin the Conversation A Discussion Guide for Principal Leadership Use this discussion guide with your staff members to begin conversations that will expand your school's vision of school improvement, introduce multiple perspectives of successful practices, and focus the local discussion on broader possibilities for improving student achievement. Selected articles have one or two content questions in each of the three Breaking Ranks core areas, plus a list of resources for additional exploration of the topic so you can customize the questions for your school. To get started: ■ Select one or more of the feature articles for staff discussion. ■ Give all participants a copy of the text. (NASSP grants permission for you to make 100 copies for each article for educational purposes.) ■ Ask individuals to suspend their assumptions and use specific textual references to support their comments. ■ Add discussion questions to continue the conversation in a way that's most relevant to your school. ■ Conclude the discussion with open-ended questions designed to further inquiry, such as: How do these actions align with our existing school improvement initiatives? What would it look like here? What new actions are you considering after having read the article? An implementation template is included at the end of the Discussion Guide to help you organize the new actions being considered for implementation. (For strategies to assist in organizing effective discussion groups, see the Text-Based Discussion Guidelines at Article: "More Than a Building: Personalization and the Ninth-Grade Center Model," by Drew Cook Collaboration Administrators, counselors, and teaching staff at Garner Magnet High School collaborated to develop and implement interventions and recovery programs for struggling ninth graders. What factors did the authors attribute to the "perfect storm" when describing the ninth-grade problem experienced in comprehensive high schools across the country regardless of geography or demographics? What collaborative practices and structures exist or should exist at your school to help struggling freshmen transition into high school? What have been the results of your school's transitional interventions and programs? What improved for students and teachers? Want to know more? Carter, A., & Healey, T. (2011, February). Professional development for parents. Principal Leadership, 11(6), 26-31. Retrieved from Dedmond, R. (2005, November). A personalized plan for life. Principal Leadership, 6(3), 16. Retrieved from Content/52972.pdf Habeeb, S. (2013, February). The ninth-grade challenge. Principal Leadership, 13(6), 18-22. Retrieved from pl_feb13_habeeb.pdf Roberts, R. (2013, September). Great schools have great principals. Principal Leadership, 14(1), 72. Retrieved from Content/158/pl_sept13_greatschools.pdf Personalization Despite some challenges, the initial positive feedback from Garner Magnet High School Ninth-Grade Center students, staff, and parents relates to the smaller, more personalized environment. What challenges did the center encounter? How has the smaller learning environment made a difference in student performance and behavior? What current teacher-to-student and student-to-student strategies support incoming freshmen at your school? How does your school create a sense of belonging and ownership among ninth-grade students? Want to know more? Clark, J. (2012, January). Nine months to ninth grade. Principal Leadership, 12(5), 46-50. Retrieved from pl_jan12_clark.pdf Haviland, J. (2005, November). For freshmen only. Principal Leadership, 6(3), 28-31. Retrieved from Content/52979.pdf 46 Principal Leadership | May 2015

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Principal Leadership - May 2015