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Things to Do MARCH APRIL Participate in Teen Tech Week. Team up with school librarians to highlight the digital tools, resources, and services available to help teens prepare for 21st-century careers during Teen Tech Week from March 8-14. To learn more about Teen Tech Week, visit www.ala.org/teentechweek, or check out #TTW15 on Twitter. Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day. Honor John Chapman-an American settler who introduced apple trees to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia-by hosting a variety of apple-centric activities on March 11, Johnny Appleseed Day. Sell caramel apples after school, give out apple flavored Jolly Rancher candies to students, work with cafeteria staff to have apple treats available at lunch, or give apples to teachers with a note that reads: "You're the apple of our eye. Thanks for planting seeds of knowledge!" Kick butts. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Kick Butts Day, a national day of activism when teachers, youth leaders, public health advocates, and other community leaders organize events designed to stop tobacco use. Create colorful anti-smoking messages in chalk on your school's sidewalks or parking lot on March 18 to make students aware of the event, or check out other ideas and resources at www.kickbuttsday.org. 30 LEADERSHIP FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES Support music in our schools. Celebrate Music in Our Schools month in March by promoting involvement in musical activities and recognizing students who already are involved. Sponsor a talent show that emphasizes musical performances by students, or record outstanding individual performances and play them during lunch periods. Feature a "mystery tune" each day in the announcements, and award prizes to students who guess the song correctly, or include a music trivia question of the day. For more ideas, visit www.nafme.org /programs/miosm/music-in-ourschools-month-miosm/miosmactivity-ideas. Get crafty. In honor of National Craft Month, organize a series of after-school or lunchtime presentations from local craft stores featuring a variety of crafts that might appeal to students. Feature a display at the end of the month of student craft projects. Prevent violence. Develop a series of posters and announcements raising awareness of the problem of bullying and youth violence during National Youth Violence Prevention Week, March 23-27. Create an anti-bullying pledge for students to sign. Visit http://nationalsave.org/event /national-youth-violence-preventionweek for ideas and resources. Dance with teachers. Organize a take-off of the Dancing with the Stars TV show by having a dancing competition with students who are paired up with teachers from your school. Get local dance studios to sponsor dance lessons for participants to teach them the variety of dances for competition in exchange for free publicity. Arrange for local "celebrity" judges and charge admission to raise funds for your organization or a local charity. Celebrate National Student Leadership Week. Recognize student leaders who serve as officers in clubs and organizations on campus during National Student Leadership Week, April 19-25, by creating locker signs with the message "Thanks for Your Leadership at [School Name]-You Make a Difference!" Check the NHS, NJHS, or NASC website for resources and more ideas. Go green. Reward students who ride the bus, walk, or ride their bikes to school on Earth Day, April 22. Estimate how much fuel was saved. Host a blood drive. Take advantage of having more seniors who are at least 17 years old (the minimum age to donate blood) at this time of the year, and work with the Red Cross in your area to sponsor a blood drive. Honor secretaries. Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day (formerly Secretary's Day) on April 26 by thanking all school administrative assistants for their support of the student activities program with candy or fresh flowers and a handwritten note of thanks. AND http://www.ala.org/teentechweek http://www.nafme.org http://www.nationalsave.org/event http://www.kickbuttsday.org

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Leadership for Students Activities - March 2015, NASC Edition