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Editor's Note An Ever-Changing Environment O ne of the most vital leadership skills is the ability to adapt to change. That's why technology is at the heart of this issue of Leadership for Student Activities. From embracing its opportunities to braving its challenges, this issue focuses on how future innovations will influence the path students take to reach their goals. Our feature article on page 12 explores how student leaders can leverage the power of technology to get the job done, and our lesson plan on page 26 taps into a horizontal leadership style benefitting the digital age. On page 16, we examine how student activities are helping students across the country hone their leadership skills to achieve their postsecondary goals. Elsewhere in this issue, we review what it takes for your leadership group to truly embody the word "team" (page 20), as well as how to guide students on their unique leadership paths (page 22). While we can't predict the future, we can do our best to prepare a generation of student leaders capable of navigating unfamiliar terrain- and that's what leadership is all about. Christine Cusatis Editor‑in‑Chief Leadership for Student Activities NASSP Staff (partial list) JoAnn Bartoletti Executive Director Beverly Hutton Deputy Executive Director, Programs and Services Jeff Sherrill Associate Director of NASC Editorial Staff Jennifer J. Jones Director of Communications Dennis Sadler Deputy Executive Director, Operations Christine Cusatis Editor‑in‑Chief (editor@nassp.org) Ann Postlewaite Director of Student Programs Saara Raappana Managing Editor David Cordts Associate Director of Honor Societies National Advisory Council High School Advisers Mark Skowron, NY Michael Collins, NV Middle Level Adviser Penelope Allen, MS Principal at Large Debra Murdock Principal, GA HS Students Ashley Palmer, NH Jeff Hunt, NJ Sunny Goel Graphic Designer Moriah Austin, SC Olivia Croft, WY Araceli Lopez, IA Taylor Burdiss, MO Maurie Harbick, OR Salma Flores, TX ML Student Richard Childress, MS NASSP Board Liaison Susan Bossie-Mddox Principal, WV NASSCED President Lou Miller, NJ a d v e r t i s i n g r e p r e s e n tat i v e To request a media kit: Amanda Goodwin agoodwin@naylor.com Leadership for Student Activities (ISSN 1040‑5399) is published nine times a year-September through May-by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, 1904 Association Dr., Reston, VA 20191‑1537. Telephone: 703‑860‑0200, 800‑253‑7746. Website: www.nasc.us. Periodicals postage paid at Herndon, VA, and additional mailing offices. Copyright 2015 the National Association of Secondary School Principals. All rights reserved. Material published herein is neither endorsed by nor official policy of NASSP, NASC, NHS, or NJHS, except where so stated. Annual affiliation with NASC is $95 and includes one $20 subscription to Leadership for Student Activities. Unsolicited manuscripts should be sent to: Editor, Leadership for Student Activities at leadershipmag@nassp.org. Postmaster: Send address correction to Leadership for Student Activities, 1904 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191‑1537. Printed in U.S.A. 4 leadership for student activities 352‑333‑3491 www.nassp.org/advertise http://www.nassp.org/advertise http://www.nasc.us

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Leadership for Students Activities - April 2015, NASC Edition

Editor’s Note
Questions & Answers
Take Note
Being a Leader
From the Director
21st-Century Student Leadership
Real-Life Stories of Student Success
The Team Myth
Assess, Confess, and Address: Teaching Exemplary Leadership
Lessons for Leaders
Activities Exchange
Things to Do

Leadership for Students Activities - April 2015, NASC Edition