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Activities Exchange Community Welcome Buckets Anti-Bullying Lip Dub The student council of Lake City High School in Coeur d'Alene, ID, organized an anti‑bullying lip dub to spread the word to stop bullying. To begin, they chose a route through the school where performing students would walk for the video. After the group chose the songs-"Firework" by Katy Perry and "Happy" by Pharrell Williams-they organized clubs and teams, giving each one a six‑to‑eight second section of a song and a portion of the route. The video-which can be found on YouTube by searching "Happy Fireworks Lake City High School Lip Dub 2013"- is just more than six minutes long and begins with a skit designed to place the songs in an anti‑bullying context. The event was even more successful than the council or their advisers imagined it would be and was completed with just one practice run, followed by the final take. With over 1,500 hundred participants working together, this event created one of the most rewarding experiences for both students and staff. Additionally, the council focused solely on targeting younger age groups with their video, and in return, a local elementary school contacted their adviser, suggesting that they help plan and organize a similar event for the elementary school. Peer Tutoring The NHS chapter of the Milton Area School District of Milton, PA, began making "Welcome Buckets" for anyone who moves into their school district, whether they have school‑aged children or not. Then, they ask teams of NHS students to distribute the buckets to the new homeowners. The buckets include a calendar, sports passes, a promotional DVD, a copy of the school newspaper, and some cookies made by high school students. They thought this would be a great way to get new members connected in the school and to come to their school events so they can see how their tax dollars are being put to use in the district. In the project's first year, the chapter enjoyed great success and received a lot of positive feedback, delivering 34 buckets. The Peer Tutoring program allows members of the NJHS chapter of East Junior High in Boise, ID, to provide one‑on‑one academic support to other students two days each week. They volunteer online, selecting dates they're available and subjects they'd like to help with. Interested members meet for a training session, submit a signed agreement showing that they understand the program guidelines, and are approved by the school staff as being capable to assist in the various subjects. Guidance counselors and teachers recommend students who need additional help with their studies. Parents and individual students can also request help from the Peer Tutors. Students needing academic help are paired up with tutors and notified to come to tutoring sessions scheduled in the library every Wednesday and Thursday during break, in addition to participating in reading time, which provides 30 minutes of supervised time for tutor assistance. Tables are reserved in the library and designated for the various subjects for each day. A reminder slip is sent to each participant (tutors and tutees) during first period. At the end of each semester, the chapter celebrates the help that the tutors have provided by having a Pizza for Peer Tutors lunch. It's a fun way to end the semester and let them know how much they are appreciated for serving other students. 28 leadership for student activities

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Leadership for Student Activities - May 2015, NHS & NJHS Edition