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Things to Do September October New Student Welcome. Get a list from the guidance office of all the students who are new to your school and their locker numbers. Decorate their lockers to welcome them to the school. Include a flier inviting them to get involved by attending a club fair, welcome mixer, or some other event specially planned for new students. Backpack Safety. Create a flier with tips about backpack safety and distribute it to all students during National Backpack Safety Month in September. Make public address announcements reminding students of the importance of not overloading backpacks and how to wear them properly. Hunger Action Month. More than 16 million children in America are at risk of hunger-that's one in five children who struggle with getting enough nutritious food. Your student organization can help do something about that by participating in Hunger Action Month in September. Organize an "orange out" on September 24 for No Kid Hungry to raise awareness of this issue, and check out http://nokidhungry2.org/kids-kickhunger for more ideas and free resources to take action against hunger. Lunch Box Auction. For a quick fundraiser, get members of your organization to donate boxed lunches created around a theme. Auction them off to the highest bidder, who will then get to eat lunch with the person who made it. Clean Up the World Weekend. Organize a community cleanup, tree planting, or environmental awareness activity for Clean Up the World Weekend, September 19-21. This year's theme is "Our Place...Our Planet...Our Responsibility" and it highlights how local action taken by every community and 36 leadership for student activities volunteer participating in a Clean Up the World activity has a global impact. Visit www.cleanuptheworld.org for more information. Rake and Run. As a fall service project, organize your group members into teams with rakes and go through the community randomly raking the leaves in people's yards into neat piles. Or, do some advance planning and find out where senior citizens live who might need assistance with raking their yards. Leave a note saying that the person's yard was raked courtesy of your organization. Harvest Breakfast Fundraiser. Sell tickets to a buffet-style breakfast in the cafeteria on a Saturday or Sunday morning featuring pancakes or waffles prepared and served by your organization's members. Boo Bags. Sell bags of Halloween treats to be distributed to students with a message attached. Donate the money raised to a children's charity. Sight Night. According to the World Health Organization, one-fourth of the world needs corrective eyewear, but many people, especially those in developing countries, do not have access to it.This year, send your student members out to collect more than candy for Halloween by launching an eyeglass collection as part of the Lions Clubs' Sight Night. Publicize the drive in advance with fliers and door hangers on your trick-or-treat route, then have group members go door to door collecting old pairs of eyeglasses.Visit a local LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, Lions Club, Sunglass Hut store, or other participating optometrist to drop off your donations. http://www.cleanuptheworld.org http://www.nokidhungry2.org/kids-kick

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