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Brand Management Extending Your Brand Image Making a signage maintenance program work JOHN E. MARKELWITH PRESIDENT & CEO, ACCELERATED SERVICE B rand management is invaluable to the long-term success of any organization. It is the foundation of your corporate identity, increasing membership, credibility and customer loyalty. Brand maintenance programs can enhance your brand image by presenting a fresh, like-new appearance; extending the life expectancy of your signage; minimizing the number of outages; increasing the mean time between failures and decreasing the overall cost associated with unnecessary service calls. BRAND MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS Proactive versus reactive. Preventive maintenance is the systematic routine inspection, detection, correction and prevention of emerging failures. It is a proactive approach to minimizing the failure rate and extending the useful life of your signage. Corrective maintenance is the action taken to detect, isolate and rectify a fault or potential fault so your failed signs can be restored to their normal operating state. Corrective maintenance is typically referred to as on-call or break-fix service and is directed by Certified sign a work order with a clearly defined technicians have the scope of work. Fixed cost versus variable cost. experience, skills Fixed fee programs are designed to and equipment to keep your signs fully illuminated handle almost any by providing routine scheduled maintenance for a pre-negotiated service request on the per-site fee. Fixed fee programs are first call, eliminating manageable and predictable and can the need for wasteful provide significant value if they are designed and implemented propreturn trips. erly. Unfortunately, no two signs are built the same. Depending on the quality of the materials, craftsmanship and the environmental conditions, their useful life can vary dramatically. Without the benefit of detailed maintenance records or an extensive site survey, your service provider will be challenged with delivering guaranteed service levels for a negotiated fixed fee. Making an initial investment in site surveys and bring-to-burn certifications has proven to increase the success of any fixed fee maintenance program. Variable cost programs offer many of the same advantages included in fixed fee programs, including scheduled routine inspections and cleaning. They require relatively little or no up-front investment because a detailed site survey and bring-to-burn certification would not be required to implement this program. Variable cost programs offer less predictability, as the service of the major components are typically addressed on an as-needed basis, making it slightly more challenging to manage and control your operational expenditures. LESSONS LEARNED Quality service comes from quality companies. Vendor selection is critical to the success of any brand maintenance program and is rarely delivered by the continued on page 77 " " I MARCH/APRIL 2014 I 63

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President’s Message
Executive Director’s Column
New PRSM Members
Retailer Profile: Fossil, Inc.
Understanding the Commoditization of Buying FM Services
Counting Kilowatts
Clearing Up the Confusion
PRSM2014 National Conference Special Section
Technology and Exterior Maintenance
Overcome the Overwhelm
Actionable Knowledge
Doing Business in Canada
Vendor Management
The Future of Work Verification
Brand Management
Which Ownership Model Is Best for Your Stores?
Tips & Trends
Radiant Barriers
Best Practices
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Professional Retail Store - March/April 2014