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March/April 2016 | Vol. 82 | No. 2 THE HUMAN COMPONENT IN COMM CENTER MANAGEMENT Managing, supporting and motivating employees, p. 26 Fitness for Telecommunicators, p. 18 Critical Incident Stress, p. 30 Fighting Compassion Fatigue, p. 34 r ue b e ss e m I rs m to our a c i o ty un d t m cate or of Safe eek m i n ic o d W l e c de ho b l or Te e is in al Pu icat on un ssu ati mm is i h N o T le c Te s

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of PSC - March/April 2016 Issue

Board of Directors, Executive Council & Chapter Presidents
President’s Channel
On Scene
APCO Bulletin
In-Building Wireless
Stuck in a Rut CDE #41259
CDE Exam
The 4.9GHz Band CDE #41530
CDE Exam
Institute Schedule
Telecommunicator Spotlight
Cool Cache
Public Broadcast
Ad Index
Member Services
Work it Out
The human component
Running on empty

PSC - March/April 2016 Issue