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PRESIDENT'S Channel A WE Mentality Makes all the Difference O PSC | By Brent Lee 12 ne of the privileges of being the APCO president is having the opportunity to write messages to the membership for each edition of this publication. If you don't mind, for this first one, I'd like to use portions of the speech I gave in Washington, D.C., after being sworn in as your president. First, let me tell you what a privilege and honor it is to serve as the president of our great association. I am truly humbled to be representing APCO International, holding its highest elected position. My commitment to you is that as we go forward I will do everything possible as your president to ensure we work together as an executive committee, board of directors, executive council and as the membership as a whole to further causes that are in the best interest of our association and public safety. Having said that, I want you to know that this coming year is not about ME, it's about WE! As I mentioned, it is a great honor and privilege to be your president, and I will do everything within my power to represent you well over the coming year. I won't let you down but want you to know it isn't just about ME, it's about ... WE! This great association's foundation is that of a WE association. So much a WE association that there are many safeguards in place to ensure it isn't about ME. As your president, there truly isn't much I can do by myself. I can suggest, I can encourage, I can fight for my beliefs as to what is best, but when it comes down to little ol' me, I can do very little without the concurrence of the other three elected executive committee members and, in many cases, the board of directors. Executive-level decisions in this association are made as WE's not ME's. When it comes to the daily operation of APCO, it takes four WE's, not one ME. When it comes to the policy and fiduciary responsibility, it takes the majority of the 13 WE's, the board of directors, made up of the four elected executive committee members plus the eight elected regional representatives and the Commercial Advisory Council member. Once a year, our 45 elected executive council WE's meet face to face to ensure they are aware of the association goals for the new year and have the opportunity to bring forth the WE's concerns as chapters. They, the executive council are our representatives, the WE's voice as chapters, but what about you as an individual? Well, last but not least, your bylaws provide that any member, yes that is any one of the WE's, from the newest member to the most senior can get up in an open business session and make a motion for change! How much of a WE association is that? Where the newest member can be present at an open business meeting, stand up and present change. Then the other WE's can take an active part in whether or not that change is accepted. How powerful is that? It truly speaks to the humility I feel being in this office. Not only do I get to be your representative, your spokesperson, the face of the association so to speak, but I get to be a member of the WE's. Without members this association is nothing. I alone cannot accomplish our goals. It truly takes all of our 25,000 plus members to make this association successful. So, what is up for the coming year? I make no promises other than to represent you and the initiatives of this great association to the best of my ability. WE, the executive committee, WE the board of directors, WE the executive council, and WE the membership of this great association will continue to be the voice of public safety communications and the leaders in public safety communications. WE will commit to continue working with other organizations such as NENA and our federal partners when in the best interest of our members and public safety; however, WE will have no hesitation to step out on our own when need be. WE are The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, WE are the premier public safety communications association and I, as one of the WE's, dedicate my efforts over the next year to ensuring we remain as such! Again, it is truly an honor to serve as your 80th president. I look forward to the great things that WE will accomplish together for the betterment of our members and public safety communications as a whole. I thank you for this privilege and for your support over the next year. * Brent Lee is retired from the police department of the city of Sparks, Nevada. You can reach him at w.brent. lee

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