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CHAIRMAN'S LETTER Business Solutions to Better Serve Our Customers By: Jonathan Foxman President & CEO, MTPCS, LLC d/b/a Cellular One A ll competitive carriers, whether serving rural or regional areas or the entire nation, constantly strive to better serve our customers. It is a critically important element, in fact the most important element, of how we compete. While CCA's primary focus on policy issues is appropriate - as ensuring a level playing field is absolutely essential to our companies' ability to compete and thrive - we also all fight the day-to-day trench warfare of winning and keeping customers. It is in this area that CCA's Industry Development Programs offer our members some very valuable tools. One of the association's many Industry Development Programs is CCA's mHealth program. Late last year, CCA formed a strategic partnership with iSelectMD to help competitive carriers bring mobile health services to their customers - no matter where they live. Through CCA's mHealth Program, subscribers have real-time access to a national network of board certified physicians, which will allow them to get immediate medical assistance. A consumer is able to speak directly with a physician for consultations and receive prescriptions when appropriate, without having to travel to a doctor's office. Having the ability to connect with a physician in times of need is especially helpful for consumers who may not live close to a medical facility, or who spend a substantial amount of time on the road for business travel. Technology and wireless services are changing the face of the medical landscape, and programs like this will certainly benefit consumers and present business opportunities our companies cannot afford to miss out on. Another program CCA has implemented to help carriers better serve their customers is the GSMA Spam Reporting Service (GSMA SRS). This service, powered by CCA member Cloudmark, allows subscribers to report mobile spam and help protect against mobile messaging threats. The service gives carriers access to collaborative, real-time global data that will help carriers protect their customers against growing mobile threats and unsolicited messages. The more carriers that participate, the larger the database will be, and this information is very useful in determining threats and terminating harmful numbers. Consumers are relying more and more on their mobile devices and entrusting these devices with personal information, and it goes without saying that they expect their devices to work no matter where they live, work, or travel. To help ensure seamless connectivity, CCA's Industry Development team created the Data Access Hub, which is hosted by TNS. Through the hub, participating carriers will have the opportunity to connect immediately to all other participating carriers' networks and substantially expand their footprints, without having to sign several different agreements. Good coverage and seamless connectivity make for happy customers, and the Data Access Hub provides a unique solution for network operators to ensure customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that advocacy is CCA's primary focus. We will continue to fight for policy issues that will ensure our companies can compete and thrive in the industry - at the FCC, on Capitol Hill, and in the halls of Congress - but we must not overlook the great advantages that business solutions can provide as well. CCA's mHealth Program, the GSMA SRS, and the Data Access Hub are just a few of the initiatives CCA has pursued as part of the association's Industry Development Programs. These programs were selected by CCA carrier members for the benefit of the carriers. I have spent time with Brad Blanken, CCA's VP of Industry Development, and understand the importance of these programs, especially for smaller carriers. My company is participating in some of these programs and is actively looking at others. Our only objective is to be more successful by employing the best solutions for our needs. CCA's Industry Development Programs offer us these opportunities. I encourage fellow members to take a look at these business solutions. You may find that some of them will be a very good fit for your company too. CCA's mHealth Program, the GSMA SRS, and the Data Access Hub are just a few of the initiatives CCA has pursued as part of the association's Industry Development Programs. THE VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2014 11

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Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President and CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2013 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Staying Ahead of “The Next Big Thing”
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2014: The Year of Small Cell Deployment
Band Class 12 – Beyond Broadband
Chat Mobility Utilizes Multi-Faceted Plan to Attract & Retain Customers
Blurred Lines: Reinventing in the Rural Market
Regional Carrier Bridges Digital Divide with Massive Network Upgrade
Wireless Challenges and Solutions for Competitive Carriers
Expanding America’s Wireless Networks: It Takes a Village
Lead with Location
Giving Your Customer Their Preferred Choices in Billing: Paper, Electronic, and Mobile
Monetizing Data Demand with Personalized Services
Making Sure Long-Distance Calls Reach Rural Subscribers
Mobility Growth with Emerging Devices
Mobile Broadband and the Rise of Mobile Security Challenges
On the Verge: Fulfilling 4G-LTE Consumer Demand in America
Transform Your Business by Making It Simpler
Lessons Learned on the Road to LTE
Let’s Get Personal
Even If the Voice Packets Make It, Does the Lack of Quality Ruin It?
Our Connected World: The Necessity of NFV for Telcos
Ten Hot Consumer Trends in 2014 and Beyond
Gain Your Edge: Effective Edge Out Strategies with 4G LTE
Reaching Consumer Demand Through Marketing in the Rural Driven Markets
Tips for Improving the Customer Experience
Creating a Super High-Capacity Network in Rural America
Your Competitors Are Coming for Your Customers
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Congressional Spotlight: Representative Robert “Bob” Latta

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2014