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THEME: ON THE EDGE: MEETING CONSUMER DEMAND Mobility Growth with Emerging Devices By: Jonathan Walter Senior Account Executive, GetWireless Y ou may have been hearing about "The Internet of Things" in several articles online. In short the meaning is, if all objects and people in daily life were equipped with identifiers, they could be managed and inventoried by computers. Many solutions are being developed for connected car, home control, and emerging devices for M2M. As the mobile phone market in the U.S. reaches its saturation point, many carriers are looking to provide connectivity far beyond the handset, as well as services that are based in homes and vehicles. CONNECTED CAR SOLUTIONS In a continuously advancing vertical, wireless carriers are working to enhance the in-vehicle experience with Connected Car Solutions. These solutions can include equipping a car with Internet connectivity, as well as monitoring the location, movements, status, and behavior of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles via an OBDII connected modem. The OBDII modem connects to a vehicle's computer diagnostic port, which then communicates with a user or their web-based software. Business Connected Car For a business, Connected Car provides complete, up-to-the-minute knowledge of vehicle or fleet activities in one centralized, web-based interface as well as via mobile apps. All of this information helps a business: * Increase productivity * Reduce labor costs * * * * * Control fuel costs Improve customer service Increase fleet safety and security Reduce operating expenses Reduce unauthorized vehicle use Consumer Connected Car For a consumer, Connected Car allows tracking and monitoring of a vehicle from a smartphone or computer, and much more. This solution can provide many features including: * Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five users * Remote access to the user's vehicle using their smartphone for unlocking their doors or trunk, or starting their car * Checking the engine light * Monitoring the vehicle's location, speed, and movements, as well as setting geo fences HOME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Wireless carriers have an opportunity to provide "Connected Home" services that allow their subscribers to monitor, protect and manage their homes using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can accomplish this anywhere there is wireless coverage, versus the need for a wireline connection, which may not be readily available. The recent flood of mobile apps enabling homeowners to remotely control home security systems has provided an innovative boost to an industry that has for years been perceived as dull and boring. What Is Connected Home Service? Connected Home service is achieved by utilizing wireless-enabled accessories with wireless technology such as Z-Wave, synced to a CDMA or GSM controller. The Z-Wave accessories can perform a wide array of tasks such as lock/unlock doors, adjust thermostats, turn lights on/off, turn small appliances on/off, detect when a door or window is opened, detect a smoke alarm, THE even monitor for flood and freeze conditions to shut off the water. A wireless alert notification system with a built-in cellular module can send an SMS (text) message to preassigned cellular devices when the sensor detects motion. Arming and disarming can be achieved through the system's keypad and/or by sending a remote SMS via a free user-friendly app. Multiple motion detectors can be configured with a single system. These systems can be used for any lifestyle whether it is for a primary residence, a second home, storage buildings, garages, RV's, elder care, working parents, pet lovers or many others. The Wireless Carriers Wireless carriers' subscribers can achieve 24/7 self-monitoring of their home and property without the expense of a monitored security system. This is a valuable service differentiator that carriers can use to increase and retain their subscriber base. The equipment investment is minimal when compared to the increased ARPU and decreased churn in a subscriber base. EMERGING DEVICES AND M2M Mobile broadband is a key contributor for new emerging devices, and will define the competitive environment in the United States for the next 10 years. So, expect to see devices such as fobs and watches for PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems), gateways for digital signage and remote monitoring, and modems for logistics and asset tracking adding to "The Internet of Things." GetWireless can help provide many of these solutions. Contact us for more information at 800-990-9025 and visit to see the other innovative solutions we offer. VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2014 51

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Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President and CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2013 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Staying Ahead of “The Next Big Thing”
Near Tragedy in Nevada Demonstrates Need for Rural Investment
Competition – The Foundation for a Healthy Industry
Putting the “Incentive” in Incentive Auction
Beat ’Em or Join ’Em: Data Roaming in a 4G LTE World
2014: The Year of Small Cell Deployment
Band Class 12 – Beyond Broadband
Chat Mobility Utilizes Multi-Faceted Plan to Attract & Retain Customers
Blurred Lines: Reinventing in the Rural Market
Regional Carrier Bridges Digital Divide with Massive Network Upgrade
Wireless Challenges and Solutions for Competitive Carriers
Expanding America’s Wireless Networks: It Takes a Village
Lead with Location
Giving Your Customer Their Preferred Choices in Billing: Paper, Electronic, and Mobile
Monetizing Data Demand with Personalized Services
Making Sure Long-Distance Calls Reach Rural Subscribers
Mobility Growth with Emerging Devices
Mobile Broadband and the Rise of Mobile Security Challenges
On the Verge: Fulfilling 4G-LTE Consumer Demand in America
Transform Your Business by Making It Simpler
Lessons Learned on the Road to LTE
Let’s Get Personal
Even If the Voice Packets Make It, Does the Lack of Quality Ruin It?
Our Connected World: The Necessity of NFV for Telcos
Ten Hot Consumer Trends in 2014 and Beyond
Gain Your Edge: Effective Edge Out Strategies with 4G LTE
Reaching Consumer Demand Through Marketing in the Rural Driven Markets
Tips for Improving the Customer Experience
Creating a Super High-Capacity Network in Rural America
Your Competitors Are Coming for Your Customers
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Congressional Spotlight: Representative Robert “Bob” Latta

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2014