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THEME: ON THE EDGE: MEETING CONSUMER DEMAND Gain Your Edge: Effective Edge Out Strategies with 4G LTE a presence and offer broadband and telecom services in neighboring markets, gradually expanding their footprint as market demand dictates. Generally speaking, wireless technology may provide the best platform for an edge out strategy, and 4G LTE specifically, is the preferred technology of choice. By: Roger Hutton CEO, NetAmerica Alliance T he changing business landscape in rural telecommunications compels rural broadband carriers to explore all potential business opportunities. Declining regulated revenues in incumbent territories and uncertain regulatory support mechanisms contribute to a potentially volatile future. As a result, rural broadband carriers are in search of business models that enable new revenue and profit growth to help replace declining revenues and subsidies, laying a path for long-term stability and success. The pursuit of growth opportunities can often involve an expansion of market reach. Indeed, expanding beyond historical incumbent territories into new markets may provide one of the best available paths to growth. Limited growth opportunities in-market, due in part to near saturation of broadband and voice penetration, encourages an "edge out" approach to new markets. With an edge out approach, rural broadband carriers can leverage their existing network assets and expertise to build The 4G LTE Edge Out Advantage Using 4G LTE as an edge out strategy for broadband and even voice service is not a new concept. Service providers, including wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), have used wireless technology to edge out and even overbuild markets for some time. The emergence of 4G LTE as a wireless local loop option improves this wireless edge out approach dramatically. Previous generations of wireless local loop utilized a disparate range of technologies, relying on a wide ranging spectrum landscape. Unlicensed spectrum in the 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz bands, with its considerable risks, has been the spectrum option of choice for many WISPs. But, performance degradation at the hands of interference with unlicensed spectrum can negatively impact the customer experience, which is unacceptable in today's competitive environment. The lower bandwidth performance of unlicensed spectrum options, which typically deliver sub 2 Mbps broadband, also brings that approach into question. It's increasingly difficult to meet evolving customer expectations with that limited broadband throughput. Wireless local loop via licensed 4G LTE is the preferred option and it delivers significant advantages for an edge out strategy. With growing spectrum options that include 700 MHz and AWS, 4G LTE can more than triple THE typical unlicensed wireless broadband performance and rival that of non-FTTH wireline broadband. Voice service, via VoIP with quality of service (QoS), is also supported, providing a true local loop alternative to POTS. With coverage that approaches 200 square miles or more from a single tower (assuming favorable propagation), 4G LTE's lower cost structure mitigates substantial risk over traditional wireline overbuild scenarios and allows service providers to control their own networks, adding capacity as the market demands. Conclusions As rural broadband carriers continue to explore opportunities for growth, edge out strategies into new markets should be evaluated. Pent up demand for quality broadband in underserved markets provides an attractive opportunity. Entering those new markets using 4G LTE significantly lowers risk over historical CLEC approaches, while providing the technology and capabilities needed to meet market demands. Its advanced all-IP infrastructure puts service providers on the right path for the future. It can affordably deliver the right set of products and services that customers now expect, enabling service providers to quickly and efficiently take market share from incumbents. In alliance with our Members, NetAmerica Alliance is taking customers and communities across the next communications frontier. We have the programs, services, infrastructure, capabilities, and personnel in place to allow you to optimize your 4G LTE experience and that of your customers while maintaining your independence. For more information, visit us at VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2014 61

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Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President and CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2013 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Staying Ahead of “The Next Big Thing”
Near Tragedy in Nevada Demonstrates Need for Rural Investment
Competition – The Foundation for a Healthy Industry
Putting the “Incentive” in Incentive Auction
Beat ’Em or Join ’Em: Data Roaming in a 4G LTE World
2014: The Year of Small Cell Deployment
Band Class 12 – Beyond Broadband
Chat Mobility Utilizes Multi-Faceted Plan to Attract & Retain Customers
Blurred Lines: Reinventing in the Rural Market
Regional Carrier Bridges Digital Divide with Massive Network Upgrade
Wireless Challenges and Solutions for Competitive Carriers
Expanding America’s Wireless Networks: It Takes a Village
Lead with Location
Giving Your Customer Their Preferred Choices in Billing: Paper, Electronic, and Mobile
Monetizing Data Demand with Personalized Services
Making Sure Long-Distance Calls Reach Rural Subscribers
Mobility Growth with Emerging Devices
Mobile Broadband and the Rise of Mobile Security Challenges
On the Verge: Fulfilling 4G-LTE Consumer Demand in America
Transform Your Business by Making It Simpler
Lessons Learned on the Road to LTE
Let’s Get Personal
Even If the Voice Packets Make It, Does the Lack of Quality Ruin It?
Our Connected World: The Necessity of NFV for Telcos
Ten Hot Consumer Trends in 2014 and Beyond
Gain Your Edge: Effective Edge Out Strategies with 4G LTE
Reaching Consumer Demand Through Marketing in the Rural Driven Markets
Tips for Improving the Customer Experience
Creating a Super High-Capacity Network in Rural America
Your Competitors Are Coming for Your Customers
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Representative Robert “Bob” Latta

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2014