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THEME: ON THE EDGE: MEETING CONSUMER DEMAND Your Competitors Are Coming for Your Customers What's your plan for keeping and winning customers this year? Here's a simple test for you: By: Mark Landiak President, CDI D o you know how many customers your competition took from you in 2013?...And, why they were successful? Do you have a plan in writing that outlines how you will go about securing and growing your existing base of customers? Has this plan been communicated to each person with customer contact in each location? - If you already have a plan in place, great, you're ahead of the game. If not, get your team together and create one. Make sure everyone is brought in and understands their role in making it happen. 66 677081_Hyde.indd 1* * Spring/Summer 2014 THE VOICE Do you know which accounts are the most vulnerable? - Whether you have retail or business accounts (or both), you'll need to review how frequently you touch base with them to: check satisfaction, inform them of new promos, products and services and invite them back into the store for add-ons, upgrades and accessories. 21/01/14 11:39 AM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2014

Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President and CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2013 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Staying Ahead of “The Next Big Thing”
Near Tragedy in Nevada Demonstrates Need for Rural Investment
Competition – The Foundation for a Healthy Industry
Putting the “Incentive” in Incentive Auction
Beat ’Em or Join ’Em: Data Roaming in a 4G LTE World
2014: The Year of Small Cell Deployment
Band Class 12 – Beyond Broadband
Chat Mobility Utilizes Multi-Faceted Plan to Attract & Retain Customers
Blurred Lines: Reinventing in the Rural Market
Regional Carrier Bridges Digital Divide with Massive Network Upgrade
Wireless Challenges and Solutions for Competitive Carriers
Expanding America’s Wireless Networks: It Takes a Village
Lead with Location
Giving Your Customer Their Preferred Choices in Billing: Paper, Electronic, and Mobile
Monetizing Data Demand with Personalized Services
Making Sure Long-Distance Calls Reach Rural Subscribers
Mobility Growth with Emerging Devices
Mobile Broadband and the Rise of Mobile Security Challenges
On the Verge: Fulfilling 4G-LTE Consumer Demand in America
Transform Your Business by Making It Simpler
Lessons Learned on the Road to LTE
Let’s Get Personal
Even If the Voice Packets Make It, Does the Lack of Quality Ruin It?
Our Connected World: The Necessity of NFV for Telcos
Ten Hot Consumer Trends in 2014 and Beyond
Gain Your Edge: Effective Edge Out Strategies with 4G LTE
Reaching Consumer Demand Through Marketing in the Rural Driven Markets
Tips for Improving the Customer Experience
Creating a Super High-Capacity Network in Rural America
Your Competitors Are Coming for Your Customers
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Representative Robert “Bob” Latta

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2014