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THEME: LOCAL VIBES, MOBILE LIVES Meeting the Needs of Mobile Customers in the Era of the Cloud By: Nicole Edgington Commercial Director, Cellular One I n the fast-paced digital age, Cellular One has learned to evolve its product offering to meet the changing needs of a diverse (and previously underserved) footprint. This includes remote regions throughout the Four Corners area, including the Navajo Nation, Hopi, Zuni, and White Mountain Apache tribal lands. Initially, we worked hard to give our customers in these "challenged" areas mobile access. Today, we are leveraging Cloud technology to bridge the digital divide in seemingly limitless ways! Though we're proud to say we've tapped into the latest technologies to keep up with evolving customer demands, our work is far from done! Now that we've gotten our remote customer base connected, the goal is to help them understand and utilize cutting-edge technology. This means that we stay relevant - and competitive - in these technology-driven times. We believe that utilization of the Cloud, in its many forms, is the next big frontier and we're encouraging customers to jump on board with us! Last year, we launched our forwardthinking Business Solutions division to address the growing technology needs of our increasingly mobile customers. These days, even on remote tribal lands, smartphones and tablets are used for almost any business task! By launching a division devoted to business technology, we proactively addressed a void within our footprint that bigger carriers have largely ignored. We know that our local presence gives us an edge. We have the ability to meet face-to-face with customers, educate them about our Cloud capabilities, deliver worldclass solutions, and, in turn, they feel comfortable knowing their data is safe with a trusted, local vendor. With more businesses supporting a mobile workforce, we've found that the benefits of Cloud-based communications have increased exponentially! Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a key part of the Cloud services "package" we offer. The software runs in the customer's Cloud, yet we manage it remotely for them. It's simple and seamless and customers can rest easy knowing that their employees can work productively while their data remains safe. For our Business Solutions team, education plays a huge role in bringing customers into the Cloud. Our team works hard to share the many benefits of Cloud technology. We go to great lengths to assure customers that their data not only is more secure in the Cloud, but that they also can save time and money and increase efficiency by accessing critical resources and services stored in the Cloud. It has taken persistence and determination, but our efforts have paid off! Within a remarkably short span of time since launching our Business Solutions division, we've earned the trust of educational institutions, medical providers, public agencies, and local businesses of all sizes within our footprint seeking quality technology that's affordable. Flexibility also has been key in drawing our customer base into the Cloud. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won't suffice. Our team makes it clear that the Cloud isn't just for large enterprises. We customize solutions and budgets to meet the size, needs, and budget of every business, agency, and institution, large or small. For those familiar with our footprint, it is amazing to reflect back to a time not long ago when there was virtually no phone service on vast stretches of the Navajo Nation and in other remote areas. People had no lifeline and connection beyond their small community. Today, thanks to hard work, commitment, and collaboration with tribal authorities, we've proven that we can bring worldclass technology solutions-not only to consumers, but to businesses, schools, healthcare, and public safety officials within our region and to populations who need it the most. Knowing that customer expectations are continually changing, we've learned to be nimble, keep our finger on the consumer pulse, and evolve our products offering. In fact, we continually collect market data and perform focus groups to help steer our evolution. Over the next few years we anticipate continued growth and increasing demand for Cloud-based solutions in all of our markets as customers continue to seek us out to build relationships with local experts they can trust as they strive to stay mobile and competitive in the digital age. With more businesses supporting a mobile workforce, we've found that the benefits of Cloud-based communications have increased exponentially! THE VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2016 19

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Bringing IoT Home
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Meeting the Needs of Mobile Customers in the Era of the Cloud
Cows, Cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Policy Breakthroughs Bring Mobility Closer to You
Unlock Handsets: Unlock Competition
IoT: The 3 Most Promising Letters in Business Today?
Let Your Digital Marketing Strategy Deliver Results
Managing the World of Connected Everything
Rugged Phones & The Connected Consumer
When Size Doesn’t Matter
Network Wellness: A Lesson in Becoming Proactive
The Service Orchestration Imperative for 5G Enterprise Cord Cutting
The Future Device: eUICC/eSIM Lifecycle Management
The IoT Effect on Wireless Networks
3 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Productivity
Unlimited Amounts of Data – For Everyone?
Mitigating Signaling and Security Burdens of IoT
2016: A Very Important Year for Mobile Carriers
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Congressional Spotlight: Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2016