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THEME: LOCAL VIBES, MOBILE LIVES IoT: The 3 Most Promising Letters in Business Today? By: Chad Elmendorf Product Marketing Manager, West Corporation B y the time you finish reading this article, more than 100,000 new things will have been added to the Internet. (Politico on Facebook June, 2015.) One word: Megatrend. The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact everyone on the planet. With the hockey stick of connections continuing to spike into uncharted territory, wireless carriers large and small have a tremendous opportunity to expand their service portfolio and create new revenue streams. When developing your IoT strategy the mantra "think globally, act locally" definitely applies. But with the enormity and complexity of opportunity, getting a slice of the IoT pie is obviously easier said than done. With that in mind, we wanted to share three areas of focus to help you begin to identify, define, and potentially seize a new opportunity. 1. Critically Evaluate the Business Ecosystem within Your Network Footprint What are the top three to five industries that drive the local economies within your network area? For example, in Iowa, agriculture and food production is king. Not surprisingly, "precision agriculture" is also one of the fastest growing sectors in the IoT. Use cases within are many, from SIM cards in tractors to livestock tracking to a multitude of environmental sensors. What data do local industries need and how can you help deliver that critical data and insights to them? What are their business goals and objectives and how can you help them make better and/or more efficient business decisions? 2. Identify Your Core Competencies that Extend to the IoT Here at West, telecommunications and public safety expertise are our core competencies, which we leverage to create digital safety solutions that protect people and property. Today, we have IoT services in market and have several other opportunities that are progressing rapidly. What do you do best and how can you extend those core competencies to create new services to customers in your network area? 3. Form the Necessary Partnerships to Create Valuable Solutions IoT solutions require partnerships. As a carrier, you have a network, but likely do not manufacture the industry specific sensors that generate the data that will ride across your network. Also within the value chain are considerations for data storage, middleware platforms, analytics, and applications that present the sensor data appropriately depending on the use case. Choosing your strategic partners is vitally important for success. What services and solutions do they bring to the table that can help you create and deliver a high-value solution with long-term revenue potential? Building your IoT business won't be easy. Defining the vertical market use THE cases to address is a complex and time consuming process. It requires deep domain knowledge that you may or may not have currently on your payroll. Partners will need to be identified and vetted. From there a solution can be architected, piloted and tested, and then ultimately deployed on a more widespread basis. The key is to start with a project that is manageable and build from there. What can you do to deliver new solutions and services to your customers and grow your business? These are tough questions-we know because we've been asking them of ourselves for a while now and have learned a lot along the way. We're excited about the future of IoT and its potential business impact for mobile carriers. If you have questions or want to talk IoT with us, we'd love to hear from you. Visit us at booth #413 at the Mobile Carriers Show, or visit us online at for more information. For more than 35 years, West has been an industry-leading provider of E9-1-1 emergency solutions. Our technologies for location services, cell tower monitoring, IoT and VoLTE help carriers of all sizes meet the new FCC regulations and provide better a class-of-service to their subscribers. VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2016 27

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Slayton Stewart
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2015 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Bringing IoT Home
Creating the Foundation for Highly Successful IoT Programs
Meeting the Needs of Mobile Customers in the Era of the Cloud
Cows, Cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Policy Breakthroughs Bring Mobility Closer to You
Unlock Handsets: Unlock Competition
IoT: The 3 Most Promising Letters in Business Today?
Let Your Digital Marketing Strategy Deliver Results
Managing the World of Connected Everything
Rugged Phones & The Connected Consumer
When Size Doesn’t Matter
Network Wellness: A Lesson in Becoming Proactive
The Service Orchestration Imperative for 5G Enterprise Cord Cutting
The Future Device: eUICC/eSIM Lifecycle Management
The IoT Effect on Wireless Networks
3 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Productivity
Unlimited Amounts of Data – For Everyone?
Mitigating Signaling and Security Burdens of IoT
2016: A Very Important Year for Mobile Carriers
Company Profiles
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2016