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THEME: LOCAL VIBES, MOBILE LIVES When Size Doesn't Matter How to Effectively Measure Customer Experience and Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Big Carriers By: Peter Seidenberg Managing Director, P3 Communications A fter being bombarded with an endless stream of wireless company commercials claiming the best, largest, strongest, or fastest networks, you could get the impression that, in mobile communications, size really matters. Yet, while these claims may be true, they don't paint an accurate picture of the individual customer experience. Just like "the climate" gives you an undifferentiated picture of local weather conditions, network quality is subject to local and variable conditions much more than carrier claims suggest. When Size Doesn't Matter Small-to-medium enterprise customers have local requirements. They need decent local network conditions, i.e. network service quality at their desks, office buildings and manufacturing facilities, to run their businesses. Regardless of overall network configuration, quality and speed, if it is not 100 percent reliable in their personal neck of the woods, they will not be satisfied. Small, rural carriers literally are closer to their customers, which means they can address the needs of small-tomedium businesses more effectively and more personally than nationwide carriers. They can offer service level reporting for enterprise customers, providing them with a customer-centric, rather than network-centric, view of the service levels that can set them apart. They also can knock on customers' doors and visit them regularly. Measuring Customer Experience There are many different ways to gauge your customer's experience including active performance testing with stationary probes drive tests or analysis of network data like counters or call records. All these solutions have major drawbacks and may not be suitable for specific customer experience measurement and service-level reporting. A more powerful, versatile and holistic approach is the assessment of service quality and customer experience where it is generated: at the user level. A smartphone app on the customer's device can collect both subjective feedback from the user and detailed objective technical parameters on the particular network and service usage and performance. Applying App-based Customer Experience Monitoring Here's an example of how assessing and reporting local, customer-specific service convinced a large enterprise to switch from a big to a smaller carrier - and to stay with that small carrier based on proven local service quality. This enterprise customer was in manufacturing with many plants as well as a number of local administration and sales offices. The owner was hesitant to change his current network provider (a big one) even though the pricing of the alternative, small carrier was much more attractive. The network performance benchmarks available couldn't tell the company much about the network performance at its particularly large manufacturing locations or inside its offices, so changing carriers presented the risk of potentially worse service quality and with it, harm to a crucial part of the customer's business process. Working with the smaller carrier, P3 put in place a simple but effective way of measuring customer experience. We provided the enterprise customer THE with a proprietary app that monitored the quality of service of each of the customers' smartphones, and provided a feedback channel for users to report network problems. In addition to network coverage and connectivity, the app monitored smartphone voice call drops as well as the speed of sending and receiving data during everyday use. It recorded real-time local network conditions exactly when and where the customer's employees used the service. In this way, the small carrier could provide the enterprise customer with a customer-centric view of his particular service experience. Anecdotal complaints about network service quality now were supported by observable and actionable data. The results were eye opening and the enterprise customer decided to switch to the smaller carrier. Thanks to customerspecific performance and feedback data, the network was optimized saving further capital expenditures and improving efficiencies. The Competitive Advantage Applying effective customer experience measurements like this appbased approach has many benefits, not the least of which is getting know customer usage patterns intimately so you can address their unique needs. The bottom line is this: Building trust in your local brand and supporting service level promises with objective, actionable data trumps broad and undifferentiated marketing claims every time. Peter Seidenberg is Managing Director and a founder of the telecommunications division of P3 Group, a leading global consulting, engineering and testing services company with a team of over 3,000 consultants and engineers across 50 countries. VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2016 35

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