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THEME: LOCAL VIBES, MOBILE LIVES The Future Device: eUICC/eSIM Lifecycle Management By: Stu Cox Product Manager, Giesecke & Devrient T he mobile phone has company- each person on the planet today has an average 1.7 connected devices, and by 2020, that number is expected to reach 4.3 devices. With the addition of wearables, smart homes, and smart cars to our collection of personal connected devices, the demand on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) is growing at a tremendous rate. The strategy for success in our increasingly connected society starts with the embedded UICC (eUICC) and the ability to remotely provision electronic SIM (eSIM) profiles and update connected devices over their lifecycles. Embedded UICCs The UICC has evolved to fit the new selection of connected devices. For many devices-think fit bands and watches-UICCs must be produced in smaller form factors and are designed to be soldered onto the circuit boards of connected devices-hence the term "embedded UICC." The lifecycle management of embedded UICCs requires capabilities beyond what is involved for current UICCs. The eUICC is not removable; it is embedded within the device at the time of manufacture and must be able to follow a user or multiple users through the device's lifecycle. If a user wants to change carriers for a device or sells the device to another user, the MNO must be able to wipe and re-provision used devices with new subscription data. MNOs can optimize their revenue opportunities from eUICC devices by partnering with a solutions provider who can securely manage the eSIM profiles through the device lifecycle. By using information available at the moment of consumer activation, the MNO can provide additional value by selecting and customizing a subscription to meet the requirements of the particular consumer or use case. MNOs prepared to meet the connectivity demands for eUICC retail devices will increase average revenue per user and reduce churn as consumers connect additional devices to existing accounts. subscription management is critical. The eSIM applications and data are now remotely uploaded to the eUICC in the field. This eSIM profile ultimately resides on the UICC, but it is provisioned after the device is in the hands of the consumer. For efficiency and consumer satisfaction, MNOs must be able to manage eSIM profiles-provision, update, and upgrade consumer devices in the field without requiring in-person interaction. MNOs need a subscription management solution with robust retry and error recovery mechanisms that can handle any device, device behavior, or network conditions. Historically, OTA systems managed data on the UICC: network selection parameters, potential profile configurations, security parameters, and UICC applications. Modern OTA systems go beyond standard data management: they must control the complex management of credentials, payment, access, and NFC applications on the secure elements/UICC regardless of the form factor. Giesecke & Devrient's eSIM solutions enable CCA members to compete in the M2M and consumer IoT markets. Retail devices with eUICCs require OTA lifecycle administration of credentials and subscription data. G&D specializes in the remote subscription management that enables carriers to offer services to these markets. Visit us at Let Stout & Company Provide Towers From the Ground Up With Quality, Price, and Service Smart, Experienced, Responsive Is Our Way Of Doing Business Our towers are the best because of our people. We make your wireless work! Build to Suit Tower Colocation Services Replacement Towers Remote, OTA Subscription Management To support the growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), reliable and secure OTA 755377_Stout.indd 1 Land Services Site Acquisition 415 S. Commerce St. 601.445.0504 Natchez, MS 39120 THE VOICE * * Spring/Summer 2016 8/3/15 41 1:26 PM

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Slayton Stewart
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2015 Annual Achievement Award Winners
Bringing IoT Home
Creating the Foundation for Highly Successful IoT Programs
Meeting the Needs of Mobile Customers in the Era of the Cloud
Cows, Cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Policy Breakthroughs Bring Mobility Closer to You
Unlock Handsets: Unlock Competition
IoT: The 3 Most Promising Letters in Business Today?
Let Your Digital Marketing Strategy Deliver Results
Managing the World of Connected Everything
Rugged Phones & The Connected Consumer
When Size Doesn’t Matter
Network Wellness: A Lesson in Becoming Proactive
The Service Orchestration Imperative for 5G Enterprise Cord Cutting
The Future Device: eUICC/eSIM Lifecycle Management
The IoT Effect on Wireless Networks
3 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Productivity
Unlimited Amounts of Data – For Everyone?
Mitigating Signaling and Security Burdens of IoT
2016: A Very Important Year for Mobile Carriers
Company Profiles
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS)

The CCA Voice - Spring/Summer 2016