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tHeMe: coNNectiNG WitH tHe cUstoMer Mobile Broadband Brings Life-changing health care Benefits to consumers By: Dr. Kristi henderson, Chief Telehealth & Information Officer, The University of Mississippi Medical Center By: Ben Moncrief, Vice President of Government Relations, C Spire L ast fall, C Spire partnered with the University of Mississippi Medical Center's (UMMC) Center for Telehealth, the state of Mississippi, GE Care Innovation, and the North Sunflower Medical Center to deploy a medical research pilot aimed at managing type II diabetes among a 200 member pilot group in the Mississippi Delta. The cornerstone of this partnership is a population-based health care model that leverages mobilebroadband-enabled telehealth technology. Utilizing wireless remote patient monitoring tools, the goal is to improve the health of participants while reducing the total cost of care. Patients in the pilot are issued wireless tablets and wireless peripherals equipped to monitor glucose readings daily, provide educational health information, and transmit vital health data to UMMC's health care specialists, who monitor the data in real time. In other words, these patients have immediate access to a team of professionals dedicated to their care - ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nutritionists, diabetic educators, and nurses. This program has proven to be a huge success. Despite the fact that many of them have never used a wireless device and some can't read beyond a sixth grade level, the patients in the pilot program are thriving. Every single patient reported that their disease is under control for the first time and that they have lost weight and feel better. Researchers' goal was for 75 percent of patients to reduce their hemoglobin A1C levels (a key indicator of type II diabetes) by 1 percent in the first year. Yet, after only six months, the average reduction in A1C levels among participants was nearly double that goal. In addition, with the exception of one patient who needed to be hospitalized at the time of enrollment, not a single participant has gone to the ER or been admitted to the hospital for their diabetes - just more proof of the program's success. It's important to recognize that these incredible life- and cost-saving results could not happen without critical, high-speed, mobile-broadband connectivity between UMMC and these patients. And, in the rural Mississippi Delta, that connectivity exists only because of the Universal Service Fund (USF) support this region enjoys. The Given the impressive and immediate results to date of our pilot in Ruleville, UMMC is moving forward before completing the current pilot to implement this model in other areas of Mississippi. Plans are already in place to allow doctors and patients in three other Mississippi cities (Jackson, Grenada, and Lexington) to take advantage of this chronic disease management tool. As UMMC and C Spire look to repeat the success of the Ruleville pilot in other places and with other chronic diseases, the foremost concern is whether these additional communities we hope to serve will have comparable wireless connectivity to Ruleville. It is critical that federal policymakers ensure funding is available to wireless operators to provide the reliable, high-quality, mobile connectivity that telehealth requires. Unfortunately, USF support for rural wireless has been reduced 40 percent since 2011. Any further reduction in USF support for rural wireless deployments will not only impact current telehealth operations but will significantly impede efforts to grow remote patient monitoring and hinder connections between patients and medical professionals. C Spire is proud to partner with UMMC's Center for Telehealth and achieve its mission of increasing access to health care, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. Thanks to the advancements made through this partnership and vital USF monies, communities - especially rural ones - can take advantage of health care opportunities previously out of reach. Voice * * Fall/Winter 2015 15

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2015 Excellence in Marketing Award Winners
Number Portability in a Mobile World
Mobile Broadband Brings Life-Changing Health Care Benefits to Consumers
WiFi: Keeping Consumers Connected to the Network, to Each Other, and to Your Brand
Spreading the Reach and Range of LTE
It’s a Mobile Life
Regional Carrier Cellular One Competes with the National Players by Taking a Customer-Centric Approach
5G – The Quest for a Wireless Utopia
Connectivity Leads to Smarter Water Management
Connecting with the Customer through POS/Retail Management Systems
Connecting the Mobile Customer through Innovative Roaming Hub Solutions
Building IoT for the Agile Operator
Wireless Hitting a Home Run at the Ballpark
A New Wave in Wireless: Innovative Strategies to Connect the Last Mile
Using LTE Small Cells to Improve the User Experience
What’s Trending in Customer Communications?
Nurturing Customer Connections in a Mobile World
How Multiple Phone Line Management Services Improve the Customer Experience
How Do Small Cells Fit into Wireless Networks?
Connecting with Customers Outside the Cloud
Whether Mobile or Fixed, Emerging or Established Markets, the Holy Grail of Innovation is Service Personalization
New LTE Service Delivery Approach for Rural Carriers
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA-14)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2015