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tHeMe: coNNectiNG WitH tHe cUstoMer WiFi: Keeping consumers connected to the Network, to each other, and to Your Brand By: Mark Warchol, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Interop Technologies i f the advertising stratosphere is any indication, competition in the wireless industry is at an alltime high. Subscribers are constantly confronted with ads touting an end to contracts, lower monthly bills, improved coverage, and endless data allowances. In response to increased competition, operators must focus on preventing their subscribers from being lured away by the latest headline. So, how can operators keep their customers? By keeping them connected - both to the network and to their brand. connection is crucial The smartphone has become so powerful, so useful, and so addictive that its usage defines the subscriber, and keeping that device hyper connected is the main goal for mobile operators. The average U.S. smartphone user spends 4.9 hours a day, 34.3 hours a week, on their device according to a 2015 report from Informate Mobile Intelligence. Consumers spend so much time connected to their devices that the fear of being without a smartphone was deemed an official phobia - nomophobia - in 2010. While nomophobia represents an extreme end of the spectrum, it is undeniable that consumers feel disconnected when they are unable to use their mobile phones. Churn statistics support this assertion and indicate that network quality and availability of service rank highest amongst reasons consumers switch service providers or supplement their service with other communication apps. Your Brand is Key With numerous options available to consumers when it comes to wireless service providers, operators must keep their subscribers connected and engaged at all times. If not, it is likely that these subscribers will look for a quick fix alternative to solve the issues they are facing, which oftentimes leads them to over-the-top (OTT) applications or other communication service providers. For example, subscribers that experience poor cellular voice service at home or at the office typically turn to WiFi-based apps like Skype or FaceTime to communicate. Not only are these services readily available and simple to use but they also save costs if used to call internationally. If sending and receiving messages is a problem, the subscriber may turn to popular apps like WeChat or WhatsApp to connect. No matter which OTT app they choose, the crux is that the operator's inability to provide the service or the anticipated level of quality made the consumer look elsewhere. This not only disconnects them from the operator's brand but also lowers their satisfaction substantially. This may lead subscribers to classify their operator as one of the ways they communicate mobilely rather than as their trusted source for mobile communications - a big difference in definition that can have negative revenue implications. coverage is King Familiar to many of us is walking around the house or office avoiding The cellular dead zones while trying to find the spot with the best reception. Most consumers also can probably recall a time they sat in their driveway finishing a conversation in order to avoid dropping the call indoors. And, although we have choreographed the steps to the dead zone dance, the dreaded indoor coverage issues that plague many operators still plague their subscribers on their home network and in their homes. With over 80 percent of mobile usage taking place indoors, according to Informa Research, the issue of indoor coverage is strongly impacting subscribers and their decisions regarding providers. A recent survey sponsored by Kineto revealed that 25 percent of respondents had switched mobile service providers due to poor coverage in their homes, and 87 percent of these respondents indicated that they regularly connect their devices to a home WiFi network to enhance accessibility. With upwards of 80 percent of mobile usage in the U.S. occurring over WiFi already, VoWiFi is a natural fit for operators to leverage a familiar technology to solve their subscribers' indoor coverage issues. Savvy operators will be responsive to consumer behavior and continue to launch new services and technologies, like VoWiFi, to keep subscribers' devices hyper connected - to the network, to each other, and to their brand. Interop Technologies is Virtualizing the IP Revolution by delivering cloud-based IP networks and advanced, next-generation communication solutions - including IMS, VoWiFi, VoLTE, VoLTE-Roaming, and RCS - to the global mobile industry. Voice * * Fall/Winter 2015 17

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2015 Excellence in Marketing Award Winners
Number Portability in a Mobile World
Mobile Broadband Brings Life-Changing Health Care Benefits to Consumers
WiFi: Keeping Consumers Connected to the Network, to Each Other, and to Your Brand
Spreading the Reach and Range of LTE
It’s a Mobile Life
Regional Carrier Cellular One Competes with the National Players by Taking a Customer-Centric Approach
5G – The Quest for a Wireless Utopia
Connectivity Leads to Smarter Water Management
Connecting with the Customer through POS/Retail Management Systems
Connecting the Mobile Customer through Innovative Roaming Hub Solutions
Building IoT for the Agile Operator
Wireless Hitting a Home Run at the Ballpark
A New Wave in Wireless: Innovative Strategies to Connect the Last Mile
Using LTE Small Cells to Improve the User Experience
What’s Trending in Customer Communications?
Nurturing Customer Connections in a Mobile World
How Multiple Phone Line Management Services Improve the Customer Experience
How Do Small Cells Fit into Wireless Networks?
Connecting with Customers Outside the Cloud
Whether Mobile or Fixed, Emerging or Established Markets, the Holy Grail of Innovation is Service Personalization
New LTE Service Delivery Approach for Rural Carriers
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Congressional Spotlight: Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA-14)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2015