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tHeMe: coNNectiNG WitH tHe cUstoMer Spreading the reach and range of LTe By: Brian Troesch, VP of Sales for the Americas, BICS D uring the last five years, mobile network operators worldwide have made significant investments in adapting their LTE networks to the latest market requirements. Due to the fast-growing demand for enhanced connectivity, operators need to constantly upgrade their infrastructure and increase capacity to allow the end users' growing communities to enjoy the benefits offered by this new technology. In order to maximise their return on investment, LTE operators are now looking to increase the number of services utilizing the new protocol and offer a more complete range of enhanced services. This has already started with the introduction of enhanced messaging, RCS, and the launch of the first domestic VoLTE services. The popularity of LTE has led to a heavy reliance on data services and, ultimately, to a more savvy and demanding consumer whose needs do not stop at the edge of their home shores. Having supplied high-speed and robust data services to their domestic customers, operators are now feeling the pressure to expand service availability across home-network borders to customers travelling all around the world. Forward-thinking providers have looked to enhance their own customers' experiences by signing LTE roaming agreements and delivering services through an IPX hub. This enables LTE services to be used by inbound roamers and the operator's own customers while traveling outside their country network. The first multi-continent LTE roaming partnership was established in 2013 between three early adopters in North America, Asia, and Europe. Since then, operators across the world have signed up to use the service, with over 263 host operators currently offering the service to incoming roamers spread across 107 countries. These markets include major providers in Africa, APAC, EMEA, and North America and are all reached through one central hub, eliminating the need for individual bilateral agreements with each operator. The LTE roaming market is now reaching the level of market penetration where travellers to all major tourist destinations can access the same data speeds expected at home, and, together with wholesale pricing agreements, even more end users are enjoying these data services abroad. Following data roaming, the next natural evolution is to further leverage LTE infrastructure to enable higher quality cross-border and roaming voice calls. Customers in some markets already leverage the HD voice services and domestic VoLTE services that are now beginning to be launched all around the world. The technology has been a long time in development, but, from the customer's perspective, the improvement in voice quality - even compared to HD voice - will be worth the wait. The increased proliferation of mobile applications utilising VoIP has strengthened the transition to non-traditional voice and VoLTE services that offer an enhanced customer experience. Once fully launched domestically, just as with LTE data services, the demand for international voice services will also swiftly increase as customers look to replicate the service they receive at home while utilizing roaming services to make international calls. The Trials are already underway to perfect VoLTE interworking, which will revolutionize the quality of calls made internationally between two LTE networks. One of the key elements to ensuring the success of this is to prepare robust backbone infrastructure to switch calls attempted to non-LTE networks to legacy technology seamlessly and ensure transit of voice packets are prioritised. This guaranteed, quality-controlled fall-back will ensure customers receive the highest quality service available between the originating and terminating networks, whether over LTE or through legacy infrastructure. VoLTE is much discussed, but it offers to invigorate the voice market and herald a new dawn in voice communications, increasing the quality of operator services well beyond the standard VoIP services offered by third party providers. Offering the complete set of communications services through LTE, including messaging, voice, and data, will enhance customers' quality of experience and ensure the telecoms market continues to thrive. BICS delivers best-in-class international wholesale solutions to any communication service provider worldwide through its Mosaic portfolio of innovative solutions. With its successful consolidation strategy and a continuing focus on technological advancement and innovation, BICS has achieved a worldleading position in the international voice and mobile data markets. Possible pull quote if needed: The LTE roaming market is now reaching the level of market penetration where travellers to all major tourist destinations can access the same data speeds expected at home, and, together with wholesale pricing agreements, even more end users are enjoying these data services abroad. Voice * * Fall/Winter 2015 19

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The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2015