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tHeMe: coNNectiNG WitH tHe cUstoMer connecting with customers outside the cloud By: eliana Santos, Vice President of Global Market Development, Quality One Wireless a s we grow older, we come to understand the importance of staying connected with our peers, colleagues, and family members. We find effective ways to communicate and network to strengthen our relationships. For many years, electronic correspondence has been a way to facilitate our business, submit proposals, and file corporate information. Social media has even become a tool for making personal introductions. We seek updates from family members, follow alumni, and foster our work relationships in today's electronic world. Research shows that 71 percent of online users utilize Facebook, 23 percent use Twitter, 28 percent use LinkedIn, and 26 percent use Instagram. Social media outlets have simplified our means of contact tenfold. Electronic communications have proved to be an efficient platform for negotiation, immediate response, and instantaneous access to almost anything we seek to research. It comes as no surprise that this type of communication is highly effective and growing exponentially. How much gets done on a day-to-day basis, electronically, is quite impressive. Ironically, studies show that the majority of social media users are less likely to express opinions online when they don't believe their audience agrees with them. Yet most social media users will express their opinion in person. 48 The Society is now accustomed to these forms of communication, and even texting has become an acceptable means of client contact. An astounding 82 percent of professionals use texting for business purposes. While these means are very helpful, "LOL" is still not the equivalent of actually hearing someone laughing out loud. An email introduction will never replace meeting someone face-to-face. Staying connected has enabled somewhat of a fast forward button on the timeline of our lives. I believe that one year of work experience in today's world can be considered the equivalent of multiple years experience in the past. A faster pace, infinite information at our fingertips, and an environment with instant communication opens the door for more capacity and know-how. We experience more, learn faster, solve more problems, and multitask in a shorter time. However, we cannot forget the importance of true conversation, real face time, live handshakes, and genuine body language. Remember the old adage, "first impressions are lasting impressions," or even, "you can only make one first impression"? These do not necessarily hold true in today's world since most of our initial interactions are done via email or conference calls. Our personality cannot only be judged by what we posted, emailed, or commented online. It is better gauged and cultivated in person. For this exact reason, attending trade shows, exhibiting at expos, visiting customers regularly, or hosting client events are essential measures that help us bond with real people and be social face-to-face. We should all be cognizant that a balance of the two communication methods is needed in order to genuinely connect with a customer. As unproductive as it may seem, we need to rewind a bit to keep up the rapport most of us grew up Voice * * Fall/Winter 2015 with. In-person interactions, eye contact, attentive listening, a simple smile, and a firm handshake are just a few ways of making individual connections and are more likely to result in a positive outcome or provide an opportunity. In general, customers prefer to do business with people they connect with and trust. Building these lasting relationships requires vital conversation, candid expression, and tangible emotion that electronic communications cannot provide. Platforms such as Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom will allow us to engage virtually. However, none of these applications are commonly used professionally yet. Personto-person interaction still remains priceless, whether meeting someone for the first time or closing a deal. Yet delivering bad news may tend to be easier electronically since it is deceivingly less confrontational. What we learn from person-to-person interaction is irreplaceable, and to be successful takes practice. Practice will unequivocally garner us success in our careers and lifelong relationships. Technology will undoubtedly continue to evolve and improve but, professionally and personally, we also need to work toward enhancing our interactions and fortifying our communication skills. A quote from Maya Angelou sums this up perfectly. She said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 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Using LTE Small Cells to Improve the User Experience
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Nurturing Customer Connections in a Mobile World
How Multiple Phone Line Management Services Improve the Customer Experience
How Do Small Cells Fit into Wireless Networks?
Connecting with Customers Outside the Cloud
Whether Mobile or Fixed, Emerging or Established Markets, the Holy Grail of Innovation is Service Personalization
New LTE Service Delivery Approach for Rural Carriers
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The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2015