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cHairMaN's Letter cca: an effective advocate for the competitive Mobile ecosystem By: Jonathan Foxman, President & CEO, MTPCS dba Cellular One c CA serves its members in much the same way network operators serve their customers - always striving to provide the best service and deliver the highest value possible to the membership to keep members coming back year after year. I'm pleased to say that CCA has a very strong and loyal membership, and many members stay actively engaged with the association, which benefits both the member and the association as a whole. The more active our members and the more members we have, the stronger our voice, which is critical to achieving the success we need. It is for this reason that growing the membership is an important initiative for CCA. Earlier this year, the Executive Committee sent a letter to nonmember companies and new contacts to share the many reasons why we benefit from being part of the association. We find great value in our membership and strongly believe that others can benefit too. The very fact that CCA has more wireless carriers than any other industry association should be a clear indication that we are doing something right - especially on the policy front. CCA has been an effective advocate for ensuring smaller carriers can bid and win in the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction by securing smaller license areas, promoting a spectrum reserve for non-nationwide carriers and non-dominant holders of low-band spectrum. To date, we have successfully urged continuation of universal service funding for wireless carriers and effectively promoted the authority for consumers to unlock devices to take to the carrier of their choosing. Additionally, CCA has been a strong voice for economically reasonable roaming and patent litigation reform. The amount of progress CCA has made over the past few years should be strong evidence that CCA delivers value for its membership and a strong justification for all competitive carriers to join our cause. Our carrier members represent more than 100 million customers throughout the U.S., many living in rural and hard-to-reach areas. CCA works tirelessly to ensure our companies have the opportunity to compete and thrive alongside others in the wireless industry, and I cannot stress enough the importance of the association's advocacy work to promote competitive wireless policies in Washington. The entire wireless ecosystem - the carriers and the businesses that support them - depends on sound public policy decisions that promote fair competition. CCA's mission is to advocate on behalf of the entire membership and work with policymakers to ensure competitive carriers' and associate members' immediate needs, interests, and desires are addressed. It is important to point out that the vendor/ supplier community benefits from this advocacy support as well. The more network operators there are in the industry, the more potential business partners exist for associate members. As competitive carriers succeed in the The marketplace, they have a greater ability and need to purchase equipment and services. While CCA's policy work may be focused primarily on carrier issues, I encourage associate members to stay abreast of CCA's advocacy work to gain a better understanding of what drives carriers' business decisions. Carriers are oftentimes impacted by policy decisions, and staying up to date with these decisions and how they may affect current and future business partners certainly provides an advantage for associate members that wish to sell goods and services to the operators. In addition to advocacy work, CCA provides a unique opportunity to our members through the industry development programs, especially the Data Services Hub and Device Hub. Business solutions like these are designed by the carriers based on their most important issues and help operators find a path forward when they are faced with challenges. Members gather together to discuss business solutions and share ideas at CCA's trade show events throughout the year. The Annual Convention and our newlyrebranded Mobile Carriers Show provide unmatched opportunities for members and industry stakeholders to come together to network, attend educational sessions, and conduct business meetings. Members also enjoy significant discounts to the shows. With all that CCA has to offer, I urge current members to stay actively involved and to help spread the word about CCA. The stronger and larger our membership, the more successful we all will be. Your help in this regard is vital. With your continued commitment and engagement in CCA, I look forward to our growing success this upcoming year. Voice * * Fall/Winter 2015 9

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Jonathan Foxman
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2015 Excellence in Marketing Award Winners
Number Portability in a Mobile World
Mobile Broadband Brings Life-Changing Health Care Benefits to Consumers
WiFi: Keeping Consumers Connected to the Network, to Each Other, and to Your Brand
Spreading the Reach and Range of LTE
It’s a Mobile Life
Regional Carrier Cellular One Competes with the National Players by Taking a Customer-Centric Approach
5G – The Quest for a Wireless Utopia
Connectivity Leads to Smarter Water Management
Connecting with the Customer through POS/Retail Management Systems
Connecting the Mobile Customer through Innovative Roaming Hub Solutions
Building IoT for the Agile Operator
Wireless Hitting a Home Run at the Ballpark
A New Wave in Wireless: Innovative Strategies to Connect the Last Mile
Using LTE Small Cells to Improve the User Experience
What’s Trending in Customer Communications?
Nurturing Customer Connections in a Mobile World
How Multiple Phone Line Management Services Improve the Customer Experience
How Do Small Cells Fit into Wireless Networks?
Connecting with Customers Outside the Cloud
Whether Mobile or Fixed, Emerging or Established Markets, the Holy Grail of Innovation is Service Personalization
New LTE Service Delivery Approach for Rural Carriers
Index of Advertisers
Congressional Spotlight: Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA-14)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2015