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T H E M E: 5G: T H E N E X T G E N E R AT ION 5G, A Technology Vision By Dr. Nermin Mohamed VP, Solutions and Marketing, Huawei American Carrier Business Group T wo significant trends are driving the wireless industry to develop a new 5G ecosystem: the explosive increase in demand for wireless broadband services requiring faster, higher-capacity networks that can deliver video and other content-rich services and the Internet of Things (IoT) that is fueling a need for massive connectivity of devices requiring ultrareliable, ultra-low-latency connectivity. 5G solutions will widen the market space and present new business opportunities to operators. In addition, expanded and enhanced mobile Internet services will help further improve the consumer experience, strengthen user stickiness and guarantee operators' revenues and profits. 5G Performance Requirements It is expected that 5G system designs will support three orders of magnitude higher capacity per km2: a hundred times higher data rate, latency of less than 1 ms across the radio access link, and a hundred times more connections. 5G system designs will also support three orders of magnitude for lower energy consumption than the current generation of wireless networks. The battery life for low-power equipment will extend by a factor of ten, giving our massive machine communication (MMC) equipment a longer life. THE Key 5G Applications Huawei has defined a "HyperService Cube" of key scenarios from the worlds of work and leisure. These scenarios cover hyper-connected IoT, industry applications (car, healthcare, industrial automation and robotics), and device ad hoc networks. Examples include: selfdriving vehicles, ultra HD video, virtual reality, healthcare, smart home, and everything-to-everything smart sensors. Relationship Between 4G, 4.5G, and 5G 4G networks will continue to evolve for a considerable amount of time, gradually improving the user experience. Overall, 4G networks will have a very long evolution cycle. The first 4.5G networks will start to go live in 2016. Huawei believes that 4.5G will help carriers grow their business and will support new services, devices and experiences. These networks will help lay the foundation for the era of 5G and maximize the performance of 4G networks. By making full use of existing base stations, power supplies VOICE * * Fall/Winter 2016 25

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Board of Directors/Staff
Chairman’s Letter by Slayton Stewart
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2016 Excellence in Marketing Awards
Next-Generation IoT: Revolutionizing Mission-Critical Connectivity
What 100 Operators Really Think About 5G
5G Is Here (If You Want It)
Five Trends Shaping the Future of Spectrum
5G, A Technology Vision
Cloud-based IP: The Way to 5G and the Internet of Things
Power Outages Don’t Belong in a Connected World
The Path to 5G: Challenges, Benefits and Endless Possibilities
The Evolution to 5G: Implementing the Next Generation of Wireless Networks
New Report Details One Year of Roaming Fraud Data to Add to Industry Knowledge
Better Data for Brand Evolution
Verticals: At the End of the 5G Rainbow
Over-the-Top International Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging
SmartCom Brings 4G LTE to Belize
In the Dugout with Kevin Cundiff, Creator of Retail Moneyball
Company Profiles
Index of Advertisers.
Congressional Spotlight: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2016