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T H E M E: 5G: T H E N E X T G E N E R AT ION #5GNG By Kyle Williams Director of Network Product Strategy & Development, TNS A colleague of mine once proclaimed that we provided 10G services to our subscribers, and we should let them know it. His logic was solid: with multiple generations of cellular networks being broadcast in order to satisfy the consumers' insatiable appetite for wireless services, why not add them up and account for every last drop in the tank? 1G + 2G + 3G + 4G = 10G Now the calculation continues as the industry begins to enter another network evolution and the 5G overhaul begins. By my math, that will put us up to 15G! Although we may have overlooked the need to start accounting for network sunsets ... so subtract that 1G ... hmm, what about 2G and 3G? Whatever the solution that solves your network equation, you've likely considered or explored some of the possible constants that could be included. Now it's time to get to know the newest constant on the block, 5G. The 5G marketing engine is gaining steam, standards are being solidified, trials are underway or scheduled to begin by next year, solutions are being imagined, and commercial launch dates are creeping in. It feels like déjà vu. So what's different about next generation 5G wireless? What's better? How about everything? It's faster than 4G, it has more flexibility, more configurability, lower latency, higher reliability, higher spectral efficiency, better support of NFV/SDN, and it is already familiar with the spotlight as no industry conference these days is complete without the inclusion of a 5G discussion. 5G networks of the future will incorporate higher, wider spectrum bands to allow users to leverage the high speed for video distribution, service agility in the cloud, and support of low latency, reliable communications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Put simply, 5G will get us more data at a faster rate, and that makes us happy. As shown in the infographic titled, "US Subscribers Long for 5G to Become Reality", which was published by Transaction Network Services to reflect consumer sentiment and knowledge of 5G wireless services, nearly half of US adults are aware of 5G and anxious to experience it. Over two thirds of adults surveyed felt that 4G/LTE networks have significantly improved access to the internet, but almost one fourth indicated that 4G networks do not fully meet their current consumption needs. We are living in a "what have you done for me lately?" world, and mobile networks are no exception. It should come as no surprise that the younger generation, ages 18 to 24, is pushing the demand curve forward with a whopping 82 percent already having the desire to upgrade to 5G. This is the connected generation, the broadband-as-a-utility generation, the, "I don't know life before the Internet" generation. But this craving for connectedness and endless seas of data is common across all age groups these days. We've all gotten a taste and we like it. 67percent of adults said they would be interested in upgrading to a 5G capable device, if not too costly. The consumer appetite for wireless data sure has not slowed, and luckily, neither has the technology. It is time to add 5 more G's to your equation. THE About TNS TNS develops solutions to help telecom carriers navigate infrastructure complexities and maximize their network reach through unique multi-service roaming and network hub solutions. Our portfolio of connectivity, routing, interoperability, clearing and settlement, fraud management, identity and database solutions enables the successful and reliable delivery of carrier-grade subscriber solutions. For more information, email or visit VOICE * * Fall/Winter 2016 31

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Chairman’s Letter by Slayton Stewart
A Message from the President & CEO by Steven K. Berry
CCA’s 2016 Excellence in Marketing Awards
Next-Generation IoT: Revolutionizing Mission-Critical Connectivity
What 100 Operators Really Think About 5G
5G Is Here (If You Want It)
Five Trends Shaping the Future of Spectrum
5G, A Technology Vision
Cloud-based IP: The Way to 5G and the Internet of Things
Power Outages Don’t Belong in a Connected World
The Path to 5G: Challenges, Benefits and Endless Possibilities
The Evolution to 5G: Implementing the Next Generation of Wireless Networks
New Report Details One Year of Roaming Fraud Data to Add to Industry Knowledge
Better Data for Brand Evolution
Verticals: At the End of the 5G Rainbow
Over-the-Top International Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging
SmartCom Brings 4G LTE to Belize
In the Dugout with Kevin Cundiff, Creator of Retail Moneyball
Company Profiles
Index of Advertisers.
Congressional Spotlight: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2016