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T H E M E: 5G: T H E N E X T G E N E R AT ION SmartCom Brings 4G LTE to Belize By Linette Canto, Marketing Manager, Smart Belize T housands of Belizeans are now enjoying super-fast Internet service. SmartCom (Smart) launched its 4G LTE network on December 22, 2015 at an investment of $4.5M USD. LTE is a milestone and another first for the company and the country of Belize, and is in keeping with Smart's track record of being the first to market in many areas, including being the first to introduce 3G technology to Belize. Smart began operations in 2005 and since then has played a significant role in the economic, social and cultural development of Belize through the deployment of new technologies such as 4G LTE. Since the launch of Smart's 4G LTE network, both residential and business customers have been impressed with its blistering speed and reliability. According to Rebecca Coutant, blogger and owner of the San Pedro Scoop, "Working online and traveling quite a bit, I always liked the ease and portability of my Smart MiFi. I could not be happier with my 4G's SO much faster than the previous model. Love, love, love it." William Portillo, a musician and gamer, is also a big fan of the 4G LTE service, "It is fast and reliable. There is no competition; without question it is the best in Belize." Smart's 4G LTE service has enabled customers to download apps, stream videos, send and receive emails, and upload videos and pictures at considerably faster speeds, in some instances up to ten times faster than 3G services. In addition, these speeds allow customer to enjoy a higher quality video chatting and video conferencing experience. It should be noted, however, that while mobile data has significantly impacted the lives of thousands of Belizeans who now enjoy LTE speeds, there are many, especially in rural communities, who still do not have access to this technology. To this end, Smart will continue to expand its coverage into rural areas and later this THE year will complement its LTE offerings with the deployment of HSPA+ for greater access to high speed mobile communications. To make LTE affordable, Smart offers standard 4G LTE volume packages ranging from of 1GB to 25GB and social media package of 1GB and 3GB with access to 18 social media sites. The company also recently introduced 4G LTE prepaid volume plans, which offer very affordable bundles of calling minutes, text and data, and very shortly customers will be able to purchase 4G LTE standard packages below 1GB aimed at making LTE even more affordable. The past six months have been exciting ones for Smart, and the company looks forward to making more inroads with 4G LTE uptake as new devices become available and the coverage area expands to more communities countrywide. About SmartCom SmartCom is a subsidiary of Speednet Communications Ltd. and operates under the Smart brand. Smartcom provides the full range of communications services in Belize including national and international calling, text, high speed mobile data and enterprise services. It has countrywide coverage with direct sales channels in each major town and city and over 4,500 indirect sales channels. For more information on the company, please visit our website at VOICE * * Fall/Winter 2016 49

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Five Trends Shaping the Future of Spectrum
5G, A Technology Vision
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New Report Details One Year of Roaming Fraud Data to Add to Industry Knowledge
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SmartCom Brings 4G LTE to Belize
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Congressional Spotlight: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)

The CCA Voice - Fall/Winter 2016