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FEATURE B Y S AT V I R D I A N D J O H N T O D O RO V S K I , T E C H N I C A L S TA N D A R D S A N D S A F E T Y A U T H O R I T Y How TSSA Handles Late Locates O n many occasions, the TSSA Fuel Safety Program in the Greater Toronto Area (Region 3) is inundated with complaints of late locates or locates not delivered on timely basis. Contractors are not satisfied with the locate process of getting locates within the five day protocol. Considering the following example: A locate was requested for a specific location five days prior to excavation; that is, the locate was requested on Monday July 21, 2015 and due to be FA L L 1 5 completed on Monday July 28, 2015, five business days later as per the Ontario One Call (ON1Call) protocol. Tuesday July 29, 2015 came and went and still no locates were completed. The Contractor was very upset at being behind schedule. His first response was to call the Locate Company to inquire why locates were not delivered and when the locates he requested via ON1Call would be completed. The Locate Company dispatcher told him, "Sorry, we are very busy; you should get it by tomorrow. I will call the DPT [Damage Prevention Technician] and request that he gets it done for you." Two more days elapsed and still no locates were completed or delivered. The Contractor called the Locate Company back. By now, the Contractor was seven days behind schedule. The Contractor reminded the dispatcher of the Locate Company of his promise to complete the locates. The Contractor advised the dispatcher that if locates were not completed by noon of that day, he would call the TSSA. The supervisor of the Locate Company guaranteed that someone would get to it. The dispatcher again reassured the Contractor not to worry, as the locate would be done. On Tuesday August 4, 2015 after the Civic Holiday long weekend, the Contractor called TSSA and sent an email to make an official complaint 13

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President’s Message
What Is a Stickered Locate?
Green Industry Damages Greatly Reduced
How TSSA Handles Late Locates
The ORCGA 10th Annual Golf Tournament
Hydro One Programs and Initiatives
Bell Canada Leads Safety Effort
Utility Coordination Comes to the Forefront in Canada
2015 ORCGA Locate Rodeo
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Ear to the Ground - Fall 2015