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FEATURE B Y M I C H E L E F I N N E Y, P RO V I N C I A L L I N E S C U S T O M E R A D V I S O R , K I N G S T O N S E R V I C E C E N T R E Hydro One Programs and Initiatives H ere is a recap of some of the initiatives and programs Hydro One has introduced over the last six months. With Bill 8 being passed in 2012, making it law to call before you dig, Hydro One became a member of Ontario One Call. Notably, Hydro One joined Ontario One Call in March 2012 - two years before industry regulation was implemented in June 2014. Over the years, Hydro One has seen the volume of locates rise significantly. In 2011, we completed 108,660 locates. That number jumped to more than 197,000 locates in 2014. In related news, Hydro One signed our first Alternate Locate Agreement (ALA) with Bell in March 2015. Since March we have signed on: * Emcom Construction Ltd. * Expercom * Systemex Inc. (SC360) * PGC Services Inc. * K.G. Reid * Young Forestry Services ALAs are contractual agreements between a facility owner (Hydro One) and an excavator (Bell) that allows the excavator to proceed with their excavation work without receiving a traditional field locate. Bell technicians are now allowed to dig up to 12 inches with an insulated hand shovel without requiring a locate from Hydro One (this only applies to distribution cables). In the future, we will look at the possibility of signing additional ALAs to other excavators. Additionally, Hydro One has implemented a few initiatives in the last six months to better manage requests and better utilize our resources. These changes include the introduction of completing "all clears" from Hydro One's field business centres, the introduction of a new software to complete our locates, and, effective July 2, 2015, Hydro One Distribution has extended the expiry period of their locates on the distribution system only from 30 days to 60 days. Lastly, Hydro One is making progress on its plan to implement an alternate resourcing strategy for distribution system cable locates. The majority of cable locates performed across the province will be contracted out to various locate service providers. Initially, Hydro One will conduct a Proof of Concept in Orangeville, Alliston and Bolton beginning September 2015. Applying lessons learned during the POC, the remainder of the province will be phased in by February 2016. This strategy allows Hydro One to mobilize resources more effectively, improve our ability to meet customer commitments and realize cost savings. For more information on Hydro One's support of ON1Call, visit www.hydroone.com/MYHOME/STAYSAFE/Pages/Callbeforeyoudig.aspx â–  FA L L 1 5 17 http://www.hydroone.com/MYHOME/STAYSAFE/Pages/Callbeforeyoudig.aspx

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President’s Message
What Is a Stickered Locate?
Green Industry Damages Greatly Reduced
How TSSA Handles Late Locates
The ORCGA 10th Annual Golf Tournament
Hydro One Programs and Initiatives
Bell Canada Leads Safety Effort
Utility Coordination Comes to the Forefront in Canada
2015 ORCGA Locate Rodeo
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Ear to the Ground - Fall 2015