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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ORCGA Business Plan is Our Road Map THIS IS MY first Ear to the Ground magazine as your new President and CEO and it's a privilege to continue and help lead Ontario to be the safest jurisdiction with the most reliable infrastructure in North America. It's hard to believe that the ORCGA is 12 years old and how far this organization and industry has come from those initial damage prevention days and that I have had a pleasure to be part of until now. Jim Douglas had said he thought he'd do this for a couple of years, and has now retired to what we hope will be a long, healthy and happy retirement. All the best, Jim, to you and your family, knowing your efforts along with Lori, Brenda and the countless volunteers over the years has put the ORCGA on solid ground. As an organization committed to the idea that "Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility," with 24 members on our board of directors, 19 of whom are industry stakeholders and another 5 members at large, ORGCA has endorsed a Business Plan that we intend to follow as our road map. The Business Plan has 18 strategic objectives that will help us continue to move forward, not only here in Ontario but across Canada as well. The first strategic objective of the ORCGA Business Plan is Marketing: to increase membership, sponsorship and improve membership value. Therefore, we are pleased to have added Jennifer Parent to our ORCGA FA L L 1 5 staff as Manager of Growth Councils and Membership Services. In addition, as the board has approved and discussed for some time, we continue to look for an office relocation to the Greater Toronto Area with a target date of December 1 2015, and will communicate details when available. For another successful Locate Rodeo in July, which showcased the skills of our Damage Prevention Technicians (DPT) and their equipment, plus the tireless efforts of the many volunteers and generous sponsors, we say thank you. We now look forward to the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) annual conference in Montreal October 6 to 8 where we will share the highlights of our Dig Safe and DPT programs to the rest of the country and industry abroad. Fall 2015 will also bring back to you our 13 geographic council meetings throughout the province at which we look forward to seeing you and your potential members to network and learn with fellow damage prevention industry stakeholders. In closing it is my pleasure to represent you and I look forward to working with all of you. If you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to please call thank you. 2015 GOLD SPONSORS Sincerely Ian Munro ian@orcga.com 905-327-9004 7

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President’s Message
What Is a Stickered Locate?
Green Industry Damages Greatly Reduced
How TSSA Handles Late Locates
The ORCGA 10th Annual Golf Tournament
Hydro One Programs and Initiatives
Bell Canada Leads Safety Effort
Utility Coordination Comes to the Forefront in Canada
2015 ORCGA Locate Rodeo
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Ear to the Ground - Fall 2015