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FEATURE B Y M I C H A E L M C G I V E R Y, D A M A G E P R E V E N T I O N P RO G R A M M A N A G E R , E N B R I D G E G A S D I S T R I B U T I O N I N C . A N D M I C H A E L A B AT E , E I T, S E N I O R E N G I N E E R I N G P RO J E C T L E A D E R , E N B R I D G E G A S D I S T R I B U T I O N I N C . I n 2014 it became law in Ontario, like in many U.S. states before, that every homeowner or business must obtain location information for each buried utility infrastructure (natural gas, electric, water, telecommunication, sewer, etc.) prior to commencing any ground disturbance activity (i.e., excavation). With the exception of privately owned infrastructure, this information can be obtained by placing a locate request through Ontario One Call. It is through this service that a single request will be conveyed to all utility owners within the ground disturbance area. The utility owners notified as part of the locate request will provide one of the following: * A valid locate consisting of ground markings and a detailed sketch of buried infrastructure present * A clearance indicating that there is no buried infrastructure present * A suppression notification indicating that the requestor will complete a valid locate for a select utility type as they are working on behalf of that utility owner * Confirmation of the use of an Alternate Locate Agreement (ALA) which indicates an excavation agreement between the utility owner and the requestor stating a locate is not required based on the type of the work * T his is a popular option offered by large utility owners. To obtain information and sign an ALA, a requestor can contact each utility owner * A locate consisting of ground markings and a detailed sketch with an "Important Notice to Excavators" FA L L 1 5 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO EXCAVATORS A conflict has been identified within the located area. Do not proceed with any excavation until this matter is cleared with an Enbridge Gas Distribution representative. ❑ Vital Mains / NEB Lines ❑ Line Valves Proposed Installations: ❑ Gas Mains ❑ Gas Services ❑ Points of Thrust W/R-WIP# _________________ Street & Addresses _________________________________________________________________________________ From: _____________________________________________ To: _____________________________________________ CG.014.2101 (REV. AUG/14) What is a Stickered Locate? Contact the Enbridge Gas Distribution Damage Prevention Department 2 business days prior to excavation Tel: 1-866-922-3622 Fax: 1-866-834-9020 CAUTION: This locate is for ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTION ONLY and is NOT a locate for ENBRIDGE PIPELINES sticker (commonly referred to as a "Stickered Locate") Of the five locate outcomes above, a stickered locate is less common, yet very important for excavators to identify when understanding their responsibilities. An "Important Notice to Excavators" sticker is applied to locates by many infrastructure owners, such as Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., when infrastructure or geographic regions of heightened importance are involved in a ground disturbance area. This sticker varies for each utility owner and is a critical part of processes at Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and other utility owning companies for protecting the safety of the public. A heightened importance can come from: * Infrastructure vital to the owner's operating network * Infrastructure regulated by select provincial and/or federal government bodies * Planned infrastructure installations or abandonments of utility owner assets in the area * T he party requesting the locate is utilizing work methods which pose a greater potential (i.e. blasting or piling) of compromising nearby utility owner asset infrastructure * Infrastructure where asset specifications need to be reviewed in detail due to additional criteria When a requestor receives a locate consisting of ground markings and a sketch with an "Important Notice to Excavators" sticker, this does not constitute a valid locate. Since it is not a valid locate, the requestor is not legally allowed to commence work until cleared to do so by the utility owner that has issued the sticker. For a stickered locate to constitute a valid locate, the requestor must follow the specified instructions on the sticker that can vary for each utility owner. The utility owner will then conduct necessary reviews of the situation and will provide written confirmation that the requestor may proceed. The utility owner may also outline requirements at this time including things such as a safety meeting or having an onsite representative of the utility owner during the work. It is through this stickered locate process that the safety of the party conducting the ground disturbance activity and the surrounding public is ensured while maintaining the operating integrity of all buried infrastructure networks. ■ 9

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Ear to the Ground - Fall 2015