ELECTRIC ENERGY | Spring 2020 - 31

Like the other applications developed by Clean
Power Research, TEP's new EV Comparison tool-
which made its debut in February-is focused
on customers. The tool compares specific models of conventional gasoline vehicles to specific
models of electric vehicles to help customers
better understand the potential financial savings
of driving electric and charging smartly.
With the implementation behind them, TEP
is now leveraging WattPlan Advisor's reporting
and analytics features and preparing for new
capabilities coming soon.
"Data is the key to success in helping us better
identify-and respond to-customer preferences," said Brand Manager Cole.
WattPlan Advisor's reporting capabilities are
providing TEP with insight into customer behavior,
allowing program managers to measure impact
and optimize outreach and educational activities.
As customers engage with the tools, TEP learns
more about their preferences, enhancing the ability
to predict program adoption and gauge interest in
future offerings. "Ultimately, by better understanding each customer's end-to-end preferences and
true savings potential, utilities can better plan their
grid and programs for the future," said Brian Boler,
Lead Product Manager at Clean Power Research.
Boler noted Clean Power Research continues
to invest in WattPlan Advisor to drive even greater
value to utilities with new features, enhanced user
experiences and deeper analytics.
Customer convenience has driven other
improvements as well. In 2019, TEP earned two
national industry awards for improving service to
its customers, both for redesigned bills as well as
for enhanced customer service.
Recognized in October at Chartwell's Customer
Experience Conference, the company earned a
gold medal for updated bills that help customers
manage their energy use more effectively. The
team that redesigned the bill asked customers
about their preferences and researched best

Tucson Electric Power, which has a 127-year history of delivering safe,
reliable, affordable-and increasingly sustainable-electric service to its
428,000 customers in the Tucson metropolitan area, has rolled out more
modern online and self-service tools to meet those customer demands.
practices to inform the project. The result? A
colorful, easy-to-read bill that provides usage
information over time and shares account features
that might be worth exploring.
Feedback from TEP's J.D. Power Customer
Satisfaction Scores indicate billing and payment
satisfaction increased from 7.40 to 7.92 since the
new bill went into effect, while the "usefulness"
score on the bill increased from 7.53 to 7.85.
The company earned a bronze medal from
Chartwell for its use of seasonal staffing to
reduce hold times for customers. The program
has reduced the average answer time at the call
center from more than two minutes in 2017 to 1:24
this calendar year. The program also cut overtime
expenses by more than $100,000 and reduced
customer complaints.
"Ultimately, we do this work to improve the
experience we deliver to our customers, but it is
an honor to be recognized at a national level for
the strategies we've worked so hard to implement," said Richerson.
TEP continues to pursue customer service
improvements. In late 2019, the company rolled
out automated callbacks, giving customers an
option other than waiting on hold when customer service call volumes are heavy. Instead of
being tethered to the phone, they can now hang
up and have a customer service representative
call them when it's their turn to talk.
"We knew we could do more to increase the
customer experience. We care about our customers' time and convenience; we want them to live
their lives instead of waiting," said Edgar Jones,
Manager of Customer Automation, Analytics and
Digital Solutions.

TEP also wanted to make it easier for commercial customers to become more energy efficient,
partnering with a local, longstanding business
to provide busy contractors with an easy way
to help their customers save energy and money
with energy-saving LED lights.
With the Fast Checkout option, commercial
customers and contractors can earn instant
rebates on dozens of LED products. Contractors
can participate by simply purchasing the discounted lighting supplies they need at Arizona
Commercial Lighting. There's no need to use
coupons, file for rebates or apply to become an
official TEP trade ally to participate.
"It doesn't make sense to go through a formal process for every job," said Jessica Vega,
Senior Program Manager of Commercial Energy
Efficiency Programs and Services for TEP. "This
makes it so much faster for our contractors and
commercial customers to qualify for rebates so
they can pass those savings on to customers.
It's a win-win."
Burhans said TEP will continue looking for new
ways to provide value to customers.
"The energy industry is incredibly dynamic, so
we know customers will continue to turn to us
for expertise and guidance in some of these new
areas, such as battery storage, which will continue
to evolve in the coming years," Burhans said.
"We also know there will be increasing work
around improving management of peak loads
as we rely more heavily on renewable resources,
while also helping customers save money. It's an
exciting time in the industry, and fortunately, we
have tools we trust that we know can help us
interact with customers in a productive way." 



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