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SASKATCHEWAN HR TRENDS REPORT Spring 2016 The Hiring Confidence Index (HCI) measures how Saskatchewan employers feel about hiring over the next 6 months. Scores of more than 50 mean that HR professionals are more confident than concerned about hiring. The index is made up of both an expectation of hiring levels over the next six months, and also the confidence respondents have in finding the right people to fill vacancies. OVERALL, SASKATCHEWAN'S HIRING CONFIDENCE FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS (61.2) IS SLIGHTLY LOWER THAN THE CONFIDENCE FOR WESTERN CANADA (62.8) SASKATCHEWAN'S HIRING CONFIDENCE INDEX 65 63 61 62.7 61.2 61.2 59 60.1 57 55 CONFIDENCE OVERALL SMALL ORGS LARGE ORGS MEDIUM ORGS MORE THAN HALF THE RESPONDENTS (54%) ARE CONFIDENT THEY WILL FIND WORKERS WHO ARE THE RIGHT FIT CONFIDENCE IN REPLACING WORKERS WITH EQUIVALENT EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS CHANGES 19% worried they will not have equivalent experience and qualifications 18 Spring/Summer 2016 * 29% neither confident nor worried 54% confident they will have equivalent experience and qualifications

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Letter to the Editor
From the Editor
Leadership Styles: Helping or Hindering Engagement?
Building an Accountable and Self-Directed Workforce
Is Distance Learning Meeting Your Training Needs?
Advancing Women in Leadership
Spotlight: Stan Slap – the King of Culture
Saskatchewan HR Trends Report, Spring 2016
Legal Corner: The Use of Contract Workers Can Create Hidden Liabilities for Employers
CHRP Corner
The Resource Room
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HR Saskatchewan - Spring/Summer 2016