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P Member R O F I L E High Powered: PowerTel’s 60 Years in the High Voltage industry By Jane Kerrison O n July 1st of 1968, Clary Gatien planned to incorporate his selfstarted business, Central Canada Construction. Unfortunately, when he tried to open the door to the government building, it was locked. He had forgotten that it was Canada Day and thus a national holiday. So, PowerTel Utilities Contractors Ltd. was founded on July 2nd, but it was no less of a momentous occasion. Sixty years after Clary started his first company and 45 years after that day in July, PowerTel is a thriving family-operated business that remains at the forefront of high voltage electrical contracting in Ontario and Canada. In the beginning, PowerTel’s focus was on modernizing Northern Ontario. PowerTel employed hundreds of northerners to help them achieve this task, and by the mid-1970s, the company had played a major role in bringing electricity to many remote First Nation communities. In the years since, PowerTel has spread across the rest of Canada and to parts of the United States, building transmission lines throughout North America. In its 45th year, PowerTel maintains its position as a reputable, sought-after high-voltage contractor. They specialize in the construction, maintenance and renovation of high voltage power 12 • Construction North 2013 installations including transmission lines, substations, distribution stations, fiber optic cable installations, street lighting, industrial high voltage, underground cable distribution and remote community electrification. In each instance, they adhere to a high standard of quality and safety. All in the Family PowerTel is a company built on family and community. When Clary Gatien incorporated PowerTel, he teamed up with the Krueger family. Both families have remained highly involved with the company; Wayne and Dean Gatien and Mike and Chris Krueger currently share ownership. These men are not the only members of their family at the company; they work alongside siblings, cousins and even their children as the third generation finds its place within this family legacy. PowerTel values community and makes an effort to hire people locally, which create a feeling of family. There are a number of workers who have been at PowerTel so long that they feel like part of the family. Some of these people even have their children or relatives working at the company. PowerTel feels the loyalty of these employees and tries to repay them in kind. One of their favourite slogans is “Our Power is Our People.” The Power of Safety It is evident, even from a cursory glance at the company’s website, that safety is an important focus for PowerTel. Dean Gatien, Vice President, emphasizes that “safety is the core of our business.” This focus comes from the experiences of company founder, Clary Gatien. When Clary was working

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High Powered: PowerTel's 60 Years in the High Voltage Industry
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Building the Road to Prosperity: Investing in Infrastructure in Northern Ontario
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