Construction North 2018 - 19

Data shows us that there
is room for women to grow
in the construction trades
for Greater Sudbury and
the Districts of Sudbury
and Manitoulin. For
journeypersons in the
top 10 construction trades,
women are largely missing.

Senior project manager for Ameresco
Canada Inc., Chantal Rozon, has enjoyed
her 18 years spent in the construction
industry. "The industry is ever changing.
This makes for a dynamic environment
to work in. Each and every day brings
new challenges and opportunities,"
she said.
She is always encouraging women to
get involved in the trades. "If you have
the confidence and the knowledge, you
will succeed. You will be respected for
your knowledge and inner confidence
will allow you to get informed about
subjects you might not necessarily be
familiar with. I know wholeheartedly
that my female colleagues can do anything they put their minds to including
the physical challenges that come with
working in construction."

largely underrepresented across all of
the top 10 construction trades as well,"
Caverson explained.
The head of the organization that
provides labour market information on
industry and workforce trends feels many
factors are contributing to this imbalance. "From elementary school all of the
way through to post-secondary, more
needs to be done to target young girls.
Along with education there must be further industry buy-in. Employers need to
hire female apprentices so that they can
get the training they need to succeed in
these good paying jobs," she said.
Ending the stigma surrounding
women working in construction remains
an ongoing challenge. "Many still feel
most trades are for men and that women
cannot do the heavy work. This negative
belief combined with a position that
often requires the worker to be mobile as
they move from job-to-job also makes it
difficult to balance family life," Caverson
went on to say.
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Looking ahead, the executive director
for WPSM feels greater support mechanisms for women that want to work in
construction can be put in place. "We
need to let young girls know that the
to the
construction industry is open to women
in the trades, and offers a plethora of
opportunities. For the most part, it
who helped
seems as though education and indusmake this
try demand are out of sync. Working
together, we can encourage more
women to enter the trades and support
them when they do," she concluded.

The senior staff member with one of
Canada's leading independent providers of energy efficiency and renewable
energy solutions has learned several
lessons throughout her career. "One of
the greatest lessons I learned quickly
was to be myself. We are all unique
individuals; no man or women is alike.
Trust yourself and your instincts. Your
industry knowledge will serve you well
for many years to come," Rozon went
on to say.
As the demand for trades grows,
Rozon expects to see more women
working in the construction industry.
"Women have become more prevalent
in construction. The demand for trades
will continue to open the door to many
more career opportunities for women,"
she concluded.

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