Construction North 2018 - 23


By Doug Beange
Chair, Membership Committee


s an active member and Director
of the Association for more than
40 years, I've seen many things.
I've seen members, directors and staff
come and go, buildings and roadways
turn from ideas on pages to realized
structures, students taking their first
steps towards bright futures and an
endless list of well-planned and entertaining events, to name just a few. My
belief and commitment in the value of
membership are as strong as when I
first joined.
As NOCA heads into its 70th year, one
of our prime focuses is to continue to
grow our membership. Our mission is
the pursuit of excellence and advocacy
for safety, education, fairness and sustainable growth for the entire industry,
in one unified voice - and the larger our
membership, the larger that voice is! It
is our great pleasure to put that voice to
work for any ICI construction company
who wants to jump on board. We have
a lot of dedicated volunteers and a great
staff to be proud of. Our team and staff
are ever-striving to meet the changing
needs of our members and our industry.
Joining us this year on the NOCA staff
is Courtney Dinnes, our new Planroom
Specialist. Among other things, Courtney
keeps both our physical and electronic
plan rooms full and up to date with the
latest tender opportunities - and I'm very
proud to say she was acquired through
Levert Personnel Resources!
We've already welcomed more than a
few new members this year, and hope
to welcome even more before we reach
2019! Some of the highlights of the past
year include, but are not limited to:

Our 22nd Annual Curling Bonspiel
added an extra little twist this year.
After the regular games were through,
players were given the opportunity to
toss a frozen chicken down the ice for
$5. The player whose chicken landed
closest to the button won half of the
collected proceeds, with the remaining half being donated to the NEO Kids
Foundation. The fun little surprise game
raised $205 for the charity!
For the 4th year in a row, NOCA
teamed up with Larry Berrio to organise
the Big Deal Poker Run. This year's event
took riders to Cedar Meadows Resort &
Spa in Timmins and raised over $13,000
for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sudbury!
With the help of Algonquin Equipment,
City Welding and Nickel City Insurance
Brokers this year's poker run once again
stepped things up and provided riders
with a fun experience they'll remember
for years to come. For the first time ever,
the event included a chance for riders
to win a brand new truck with a lucky
roll of the dice - no winner this time,
but 3 players came really close! To all
Snowmobilers out there - be sure to
check this one out if you haven't already.
You won't be disappointed!

Once again, we presented the highest
ranking first-year architecture student at
Laurentian with an award and scholarship. Sydney Sheppard came into her first
year with a 95.5% average! We have no
doubt she will continue onto great things.
Our Education Committee is continually searching for courses to provide that
are quick and easy to attend and that
deliver the information our members
want and need. Keep your eyes on your
email, because I'm told they have a lot
of great stuff coming soon.
One of the great newer benefits of
NOCA membership is that it now includes
a free membership to TwoGreySuits -
a comprehensive HR service, complete
with over 1500 pages of downloadable forms, documents, templates, processes and educational tools along with
a 24/7 HR Hotline. If you have an HR
question, TwoGreySuits has the answer!
As I mentioned earlier, this year marks
NOCA's 70th Anniversary. Though the
final details have not been set out yet,
we will be doing something special for
our members to mark this awesome
milestone! So, if you're not on board yet,
what better time than the present to join
the team! One Industry. One Voice. ❑
Construction North 2018 * 23


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